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Solutions for Manufacturing in SAP

Automated bundling of production work orders

Solutions for Manufacturing in SAP
SEAL Systems’ Automated Bundling of Production Work Orders helps streamline production orders’ collection, creation, and distribution by seamlessly integrating into your SAP system. 


Our solution creates a complete package with all your required documents – no matter the file type or format. That means that design drawings, parts lists, work instructions, test reports, etc. are all collected, edited, and converted into whatever format you need. shutterstock_432408952-300x200 Manufacturing


Our Production Solution for SAP:

  • Collects all documents relevant to the production order
  • Puts the information in a way that makes sense (table of contents, end papers, etc.)
  • Adds stamps, watermarks, barcodes, and other information

Collecting, Stamping, Converting, Barcodes – All with a Click!


SAP provides a variety of ways to link documents to a production order like:

  • Documents for the order
  • Documents for the batch
  • Documents relating to material or bill of material
  • Documents linked to an operation as production resources
  • GOS objects
  • BDS objects


Our process printing solution for manufacturing in SAP brings together all collected forms and documents in one package. It provides the output device with additional information, like stamps, watermarks, and additional information

It covers the following transactions: Production orders (CO02, CO04N, CO41) and process orders (COR2).


An advantage of using our output management system is that barcodes can be output on any printer, even if the printer does not have a barcode module.


Visit our output management page to learn more.

Do you want to output your production orders from SAP PP with all linked documents from SAP DVS or services to an object?

Output-job Manufacturing


SEAL Systems’ proven solution can do this – and more! Our solution can distribute production orders from SAP PP automatically and in the correct order. Also, because our application integrates seamlessly with the standard SAP process, there is no change to the interface, so nothing changes for the user! Standard SAP procedures remain as they are, so document printing takes place when the orders are released via single, collective, and batch operations. 

shutterstock_1336372163-scaled-e1631567110291-1024x576 ManufacturingEvolve your production process with a digital solution!


It is a workstation in your pocket! With our Paperless Production application, plant workflows are supercharged with up-to-date information.


By digitizing the process, everyone can communicate in real-time with work order data – and it ensures that everyone always has an overview of the process. 

Explore our Paperless Production for SAP here.

Why stop at production? SEAL Systems supports other SAP Business Processes

  • Project system: Project definition, network, project parts list
  • Materials management: Materials list, materials document, inspection lot
  • SAP DVS: Document hierarchy, document parts list, change master
  • Structure resolutions: Change master, generic processing, installation (IBASE)

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