Mobile Solution for SAP Processes

Notify4SAP enables access via smartphone or tablet to SAP data

Mobile Solution for SAP Processes

gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Mobile App for SAPNotify4SAP – What is it?

Notify4SAP is SEAL Systems’ maintenance job tool for use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Through this app, service technicians can get their maintenance orders, including all necessary associated documentation with the ability to call additional details for other maintenance objects. When necessary, damage reports can be created and booked straight into the SAP system.

The data entry is easily done with a barcode scan (usual barcode, QR code, etc.) or with direct input by the technician. The user interface is optimized, targeting the most important steps and can be used without specific SAP experience.

Notify4SAP – What does it do?

  • Prepare and sort all necessary data of a maintenance order – this information can then be used by the person who executes the maintenance jobs
  • Retrieve actual information on additional equipment from the SAP system and display on the mobile device
  • Enter a new error report with attachments such as GPS data and photos
  • Transfer this report along with additional relevant data to the SAP system, linked with the document information
  • Transfer actual information from the SAP system to the mobile device (vice versa)
  • Retrieve and display all information that is linked to the equipment, e.g.,  drawings, documentation or metadata (such as status and object information)

Notify4SAP – Who needs it?

  • Every enterprise that has to execute complex or urgent maintenance processes
  • When extensive paper output has to be replaced by target oriented digital output
  • Companies that want to reduce additional effort and error sources at manual creation of error notifications
  • Operations that want the chain of maintenance orders and the creation of new error tickets to be done without any physical media, and as a continuous digital process!
  • Lastly, NotifySAP makes it possible for any documents, on mobile devices, to be printed directly and distributed with our central output management system

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Want to try it?

This is an interactive demo. Please use the mouse for navigation in the SEAL Mobile Application: