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Solutions for Construction in SAP

SAP DVS documents – load, print, distribute or view, easily!

Solutions for Construction in SAP
gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 ConstructionSEAL Systems has many useful assistants to make work with the SAP document management system easier and more secure.

  • View of status and version data
  • Placing stamps or watermarks
  • Search and distribute documents
  • Import data within short time into SAP DMS
  • Export data from SAP DMS

Display with status information

technischezeichnung-227x300 ConstructionCompliance also means: I see in the viewer a document’s validity. The display with status and version data is a must for all businesses who place value on valid-able processes. Service from SEAL Systems furnishes all desired information on the document as stamp or watermark, before it is displayed. This keeps all employees informed.

The signature page brings even more accuracy. The entire release process is published on an addendum together with the document. With signature facsimiles, if needed.

Search, find and distribute documents

Printing from SAP DVS – no problem with SEAL Systems. Add you files to your shopping cart. This shopping cart can be filled in many ways: Interactive search, resolution of documents parts lists or document hierarchies, monitoring of connections to materials or materials parts lists and many more.

When the cart is full or documents, it’s off to distribution: Print or electronic. With all steering and distribution information. Transparent through list storage in SAP. And: it takes care of the proper processing of technical documents. These processes have also been tested on output of large-format drawings.

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Importing and exporting data

Importing files to SAP DVS? Do it easily and quickly with SEAL Systems’ DMS Loader. Create master data, object links and additional data AND upload the corresponding files. Stress-free trial and configuration with the test and retry functions. Special advantages: It’s not just about quantity – customers report that no other method works nearly as fast as our DMS Loader.

Sometimes you need to trace the way back. And export files from SAP DVS. This can be done with DVS Extended Search and Action. An extended search function on the file level finds the right object for export. Master data is delivered in list form. This can then be used as the basis for a re-import.


This practical assistance for optimal document distribution from SAP can also be used for

  • Materials management: Materials list, materials document, inspection lot
  • Project system: Project definition, network, project parts list
  • Structure resolutions: Change master, generic processing, installation (IBASE)

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