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Output Management for SAP
Print from SAP

Print data, files and documents, lists and forms from SAP

Output Management for SAP
Print from SAP

You’d like to replace or supplement the incomplete SAP printing environment SAP Spool with something better?

Then you’re in the right place in our Output Management area.

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You’re looking for a printing solution for SAP which can issue documents, forms and files together from different SAP environments?

Then read further!

Document printing from SAP document systems

In SAP you’ll find a whole series of systems where files and documents can be issued together:

  • SAP DVS (document management system)
  • ArchiveLink
  • Object Services, GenericObject Services GOS
  • SAP Folders Management, Records Management
  • SAP cFolders
  • SAP ProductLifecycle Management

With the Document Distribution Director (DDD) from SEAL Systems, these systems are given a print function.

Look at our Document Distribution Director as a shopping cart – as you know it in online shopping. You fill this SAP systems shopping cart with objects and data. When you have everything you need, you set the print parameters (for example: number of copies, machine, scaling). Finished!

Our Output Management System does the rest.

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Printing and digital distribution are possible

Print or electronic? This question is not so crucial, as you can switchbetween different methods at any time.

For example, you can set printer output as complete batch. Your document distribution is made even simpler by including additional information on endpapers.

Or do you want a distribution portal? No problem. Also standard: electronic distribution as PDF via e-mail attachment. Or Print-to-File.

ordner-269x300 Output ManagementThe distribution of your documents is logged

Should something go wrong, we’ll help you find the flaw in the process. Because the distribution is documented. In SAP you can see what was distributed when and to whom. You can issue follow-up deliveries as well.

All document batches can be provided with a timestamp. This also makes managing documents easier for the end user at his location.

When additional documents come from a system with status and version management, many businesses want this validity information to be visible. That can be done! Object or process related stamps or watermarks are standard.

Combine printing of lists and documents

You can simply expandthe SAP print programs for the output of documents available as files. Supplement the standard forms for information available as DMS oder ECM(Dokumenten Management System / Enterprise Content Management System). For example with…

  • Drawings and technical information
  • Quality guidelines and test instructions
  • Packaging and shipping information
  • Term and Conditions

It all comes together in the Document Distribution Director shopping card from SEAL Systems, and is given out in the proper order. As these are important processes which many of our customers employ, we’ve set it up with its own area at our website . This way to proven solutions for purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance and other business processes.

sicherheit2-300x210 Output ManagementWant to know more about Corporate Output Management?

With the central Output Management System by SEAL Systems, you create security and efficiency.

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