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Converting of documents in SAP

Secure archiving and simple document distribution

Converting of documents in SAP
Secure archiving and simple document distribution need conversion. Here is the standard process for file conversion with interfaces for SAP. The conversion servers have a lot to offer: Over 50 different input and output formats are supported: Graphics, text and CAD files, in application and neutral formats.

Conversion services from SEAL Systems can be expanded with additional functions. Stamp and watermark for additional status information and validity notes, a signature page displays the release protocol. Standard testing checks compatibility with agreed archiving standards.

The IT administration also doesn’t come up short: The conversion servers have user interfaces for management and order tracking.


Easy conversion for SAP DVS

pepierstapel-239x300 ConversionThe SAP document management system has a conversion interface which allows it to integrate the necessary third-party servers. SEAL Systems’ leading-edge methods support the conversion of design data (CAD, PLM) as well as text-based files: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Exchange and others. Typical target formats are PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG , BMP and 3D-Visualisierungen.

We support all key storage methods for document files: Content server, ArchiveLink, filesystem, URL. Popular with all users: The Conversion Cockpit from SEAL Systems is an SAP integrated user interface, for verifying and editing conversion processes.


ArchiveLink-1024x468 ConversionCertified print and conversion interface BC-XDC

SAP-certified implementation of SAP-standard interfaces (External Document Converter) allows for the server based conversion of file and application formats in print data or long-term formats. Synchronous and asynchronous methods (composite spool request) are supported.

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File converter for SAP Records and Folders Management

There are applications for which the standard functionality of BC-XDC is not sufficient. SEAL System’ RM Convert helps here. With RM Convert, the function call for converting documents in SAP Folders Management is implemented as service and menu item. Supplemented by SAP standard interface BC-XDC, RM Convert can speak to an interface with an extended scope of function. Standard conversion functions are depicted, but also specific processing methods for documents and conversion processes.


Test and establish PDF/A compatibilityPDF-A-265x300 Conversion

An assured quality of document data for long-term archiving creates security and allows for a smooth handling of these files in printing and display. The PDF Longlife Suite tests and corrects PDF files to comply with PDF/A standards. It consists of components for verification, correction, integration in SAP DVS and a module for inventory data check. With PDF Adapt from SEAL Systems, PDF files can be tested for conformity with a definable set of rules.


Create a signature sheet automatically

The signature page is a file with one or more sheets which has been generated from SAP. The signature page normally consists of a header area with a number of lines including the document’s basic data and features. The second area is variable and contains a list of signatures and/or process data. A document’s release process, for example, can be made visible to all recipients as a cover sheet.


lupe-283x300 Conversion

Easy reconversion and refiling

With the DVS-XSA tool, some tasks and maintenance work involving SAP DVS can be solved elegantly with little cost: Reconverting, refiling, file exporting and other jobs can be carried out once or repeatedly, for example.


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