SEAL Systems Solutions: SAP Purchase Orders

by Debra Garls

SEAL Systems SAP Purchase Orders –

Complete PDF Packages Eliminate Human Errors


SEAL Systems’ software enables the collection and distribution of SAP Purchase Orders with their linked item attachments and Generic Object Service (GOS) objects.


First, you will only have to specify once: which recipient needs what information, where it is stored, what criteria it fulfills, and how it should be sent.

Then, SEAL Systems’ software will integrate the below elements and put them into a single PDF packet with a cover page (if needed).

Elements SEAL Systems can integrate into a PDF Packet:

  • Purchase order
  • Documents on the material
  • Documents on the supplier
  • Documents on the order item
  • Documents on the order
  • Documents on the product line
  • Generic Object Service (GOS) objects of the order
  • BDS documents of the order

In addition to combining the necessary documents and SAP objects into a single PDF packet, our software can also add drawings, stamps, watermarks and/or barcodes.

What About Distribution?

Once the PDF packet has been created, SEAL Systems’ software can distribute the PDF packet to vendors through print, email and/or web.

In our own experience, we have found that the most common distribution output is through email. Therefore, our SEAL Systems’ Output Management Engine has the capability to send you an email with all documents in a PDF – as well as an easily customizable text for you to update before you send it to the recipient.

If email is not your chosen form of distribution, no problem. The Output Management Engine can connect to a fax server or a customer portal as well.

Why Is This Helpful?

By automating the collection and distribution of SAP purchase orders, human error is eliminated.

Also, SEAL Systems’ software reduces stress by ensuring that the complete package – with all supporting documents – is sent to the correct vendors every time.


How can I be sure this will not overwhelm the users at my company?

SEAL Systems’ process is completely integrated in the SAP-Standard. That means that the process will stay the same for the user.

What if we have parts lists with materials that the documents are linked to?

This is not a problem for the document collector from SEAL Systems. All documents can be retrieved and can be output together with the order or the request.

Is it possible to exclude documents from going to the customer?

Yes, this is possible – and not a problem. With configuration settings, a filter can be created. In the filter, you can define the documents for output.

Lastly, what if we not only have orders and queries, but we also have delivery plans and contracts?

The delivery plan and contracts are considered with the SEAL Systems solution. The following transactions are covered: ME21N, ME22N, ME23N, ME31K, ME32K, ME33K, ME31L, ME32L, ME33L.

Intrigued? – Contact Us

Want to hear more about how SEAL Systems software can help your company’s distribution of SAP Purchase Orders? We would be happy to provide you with more information, an on-site visit or an online demo. If interested, please contact Debra (email, LinkedIn).

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