Results of the Customer Survey 2016

by Catherine O'Toole

Every year in January SEAL Systems offers the opportunity for customers to give their feedback. Within a scale of 1 (= very satisfied) top 5 (= not acceptabel) the services and products can be judged. Questions about the service, project office, development, sales and administration were asked. The customer could also evaluate , how important they consider service areas.

In addition, there was a block of questions for evaluation of SEAL Systems as a company (recommendation rate, innovation ability, …).

80 customers participated in the survey with an overall mark of 1,80. This is an improvement compared with the last yeas mark of 1,86.

Competence field DE/CH/EU FR/US
Installation/Start-up work 1,80 1,75
Errors and repairs 1,76 1,45
Consultation abilities 1,51 1,58
Customer service 2,13 1,81
Training coursed 2,31 2,43
Sales & administration 1,78 1,60
Customized solutions/product extensions 1,88 1,23
Product quality 1,88 1,68
SEAL Systems is … 1,82 1,45
Overall mark 1,84 1,63

The survey result were evaluated for separated regions: Besides standard questions all participants had the opportunity to express their opinions. In free statements they could do comments about acceptance, critical remarks or suggestions. Here are some responses. Wer were happy about some of them bus we also considered some as important contributions for improvement:

  • Updating SW maintenance is easy. The quotes are clear and the term is easy to find. That is rare among our suppliers.
  • Overall, the experience with SEAL was a good one. We worked through issues understanding requirements and some bug fixes we needed for our use of the software. The contacts at SEAL both in the US and in Germany always followed up and provided clear answers to our questions.
  • Pleased particularly well: Response to requests for help during the implementation (both preparation phases and immediate post go-live).
  • SEAL representatives act like partners and are helpful. Delivery of the system meets almost all requirements. No excuses necessary.
  • I like the customer service provided.

The winners are

The winners of the five SONY Portable Charges are:

  • A. Benien, SKF Marine
  • F. Liebetreu, Otto Fuchs KG
  • U. Siegle, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH
  • F. Stadler, manroland web systems
  • C. Wardavoir, DATA SYSCOM

We congratulate the winners and we thank you all for taking the chance to provide your opinion.

as_84 Results of the Customer Survey 2016Angela Strauß is responsible for quality management at SEAL Systems: “This year the number of responses was lower than last year. We need the feedback our our customers. Therefore we are happy about every vote.

Especially we want to say thanks to all customer users who gave additional suggestions for improvemen of project work and for new product ideas.”

An evaluation of the query is prepared for download at the service  pages on the homepage.


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