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Viewserver for Siemens PLM Teamcenter

Display the current status of important attributes directly when viewing the document.

Viewserver for Siemens PLM Teamcenter

StempelWasserzeichen-300x219 ViewserverView for Teamcenter (View4TC) is a server-based solution for the dynamic application of stamps, watermarks and control parameters by the display of documents from Teamcenter.


Document data and attributes are clearly visible and remain so when printed. The meta data of a document from Teamcenter is applied dynamically as stamp or watermark onto the original file. If the file from the viewer is printed locally, the control information remains securely on the printed version. The presentation form of individual information content can be variably configured and be easily adapted to the desired requirements.


  • Important information on document control is always visible (View & Print)
  • Automatic display of current Teamcenter attributes directly in Teamcenter Client
  • Controlled handling and tracing of documents
  • Maximum process security with access to Teamcenter documents


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