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Stamp + watermark in Siemens PLM Teamcenter

Applying additional information to your documents

Stamp + watermark in Siemens PLM Teamcenter
StempelWasserzeichen-300x219 Stamps + WatermarksThe dynamic application of additional information plays an important role in the creation of target documents. Attributes, metadata, and release and status information should be added to the document along with its actual content. Stamps and watermarks are in many cases the additions of choice.
signatur-300x239 Stamps + WatermarksA digital Signature plays an important role in making documents’ authenticity more transparent. Through the generation of digital signatures for PDF documents, any subsequent changes or manipulations can be reliably proven. SEAL Systems enables the automatic generation of signatures from the PLM system.

A standard process in the PLM system is the illustration of release processes. Often the current status must then be documented in a company-specific manner at the end of the release, and linked to the relevant documents. SEAL Systems automates the generation of this information and creates, for example, release sheets or fills out the text headers of drawings.

  • Release status label: “RELEASE” in large print across the entire drawing.
  • Border lettering: Date, time and user, in small print in the margin outside of the drawing
  • Text header of a drawing: Order number, component number, date of printing printed in the text header
  • Export control: Printing information on applicable directives dependent on target country
  • Customer Logo: Applying the target customer’s logo automatically, dependent on TC attributes
  • Bar codes can also be automatically generated through software. There is no need for the printer model’s hardware support.

SEAL Systems has its own tool for the creation and application of stamp information in neutral formats (PDF/TIFF). The graphic layout and placing of the generated stamp can in this way be highly flexible and dynamically adapted.


Stamps overlay the document’s content.

Watermarks overlay the document’s background, without covering the content.

  • Font, selected from over 50 fonts
  • Text size, color, font width
  • Text alignment (centered, justified left or right, mirrored.
  • Character spacing and expansion
  • Default texts
  • Position and size, rotation angle
  • Border (yes/no), border color
  • Definition of content over metafiles (graphics)
  • Delete a stamp’s background or only release background text
  • Repeated output of a stamp or watermark over the whole document can be made by line or by column
  • Unicode-enabled


Stamps-Watermarks-en Stamps + Watermarks

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