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Technical Documentation/Publishing in Teamcenter

Creation of complete documents such as operating instructions and replacement part catalogues

Technical Documentation/Publishing in Teamcenter
gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 PublishingIf you need to merge own documents with those from suppliers into a new set of documents, the Document Output Center from SEAL Systems can be expanded to become a powerful publishing solution. Documents and metadata are used which were filed in the object structure by Teamcenter.

Which sub-steps are carried out in the processing of a set of documents? elvis_fragezeichen-144x300 Publishing

  • The documents are collected from Teamcenter (rules-based, e.g. all the released documents of a BOM structure)
  • Necessary metadata is conveyed for the publishing process (such as components and order numbers)
  • The documents/data are converted into the desired target format
  • Stamp and/or watermarks are affixed dynamically from attributes
  • Single documents are assembled into a documentation set
  • The documentation set is structured in the customer layout
  • A table of contents is created
  • Hotspots/bookmarks are created with corresponding links

The layout can also be defined over a form generator depending on the complexity of the target document. Merge variables are defined in a form template, and these are then dynamically filled and formatted automatically at run-time with the current values.

Which output format is created after creation of the whole structure?

You can choose which output format will be created, for example

  • Paper: Paper stacks are automatically created in the corresponding folder size. Each folder contains a suitable table of contents. The folders spine labels can be printed according to your wishes.
  • PDF: Finished linked document with table of contents and navigation structure. A DVD robot burns and labels your data onto a CD/DVD according to your wishes.
  • WEB: Creation of navigation structures for web portals. Documents and drawings are attached in the structure in the customer’s layout.

In the simplest cases, the final output document is again checked in to Teamcenter and is then ready for further processing there.

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