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Document and output management for Siemens PLM Teamcenter

Automate your document output and distribution!

Document and output management for Siemens PLM Teamcenter
For many business processes managed in Siemens PLM Teamcenter, it is necessary that documents – drawings, calculations, test reports, specifications, manuals – be issued, formats converted or distributed. This should be carried out with as little manual effort as possible for selection or sorting, and the normal work processes should also be adhered to as much as possible. It’s no problem with the Document Output Center from SEAL Systems!


With our Document Output Center for Teamcenter (DOC4TC) we assist in the output and distribution of your documents and automate them extensively.


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Advantages:Elvis-Daumen-hoch-klein-178x300 Document Management

  • Full Integration in Teamcenter
  • In Teamcenter, documents are automatically collected interactively or through structure explosion, and passed on for further processing.
  • Rules-based search processes flexibly adjustable to the Teamcenter data model
  • Attributes of data sets and item revisions can be extracted.
  • Reusable templates make the collecting of output orders for all types of contracts easier.
  • Integration in Teamcenter workflows for seamless integration into existing processes
  • Support from thin and rich clients
  • Recording of order information in Teamcenter for order monitoring and for the easy repetition of single jobs.

Typical Questions

  • Gathering drawings and instructions for a production order
  • Automatically converting documents to PDF and furnishing them with stamps and watermarks.
  • Search, processing and sending of tender and order documents for supplier requests.
  • Collecting single documents and creating from them a product manual, automatically and form-based.
  • Creating servicing orders with complete work package
  • Plant engineering: Creation and distribution of construction documents to subcontractors.
  • Automobile Manufacturers: Automatic distribution of tender documents
  • Aviation industry: Documentation of release processes of drawings, protection of export control regulations
  • Automatic search and batch-process printing of a large amount of documents, or distributing them automatically to different devices (Shared Directories, FTP, e-mail, network printer)

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Our document and output management offers you many functions for the enhancement of documents with stamps or watermarks. The information used here can be Teamcenter metadata, which is calculated from the document’s structure or attributes. Naturally, information from the printing process (i.e. who, when, where) is also issued and optional static elements like logos, graphics or Fest-Text is supported.

Every release process in Teamcenter can be recorded and designed with process reliability. All necessary information from the release or workflow is scanned and automatically applied to the documents. Format and content of additional information will be adapted flexibly according to the customer’s needs. In the way the validation process is clearly documented according to company standards.

lupe-283x300 Document ManagementThis integration for the Teamcenter web client carries out simple tasks such as a drawing search, or inquiries from Purchasing or Production. The Teamcenter web client will also be set up as Research Client, granting access to DOC4TC functionality. Easy and transparent operation is guaranteed through the simplified menu navigation. For example, an order’s document set can be generated and printed directly during production through its order number, without installing the full functionality of the Teamcenter Research Client.

We have the solutions for company-wide output management! drucker_doppelt-300x262 Document Management

For extended printing and distribution functions, our Document Output Center can be expanded over standard interfaces for the complete Output Management System from SEAL Systems. This gives you an optimal plot management for large-sized output and high-volume printing from Teamcenter. Furthermore it covers all requirements from a simple solution for Windows printing to a wide-ranging solution for company-wide output management:

  • An output system for the most diverse data formats.
  • Print output in small (printer) or large format (plotter),as well as digital distribution (e-mail, fax, web portal)
  • Plot Management for Teamcenter
  • Device-independent processing and formatting
  • Composition – simple sorting and organizing through set collation with cover and end paper
  • Freely configurable stamp and watermark
  • Administrator console for print operation and system monitoring
  • Accounting and statistics functions for precise calculations
  • Fonts and bar codes
  • Fully Unicode-Compatible

Additional options can be retrofitted for special assignments.

Find further information about Corporate Output Management from SEAL Systems here.

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