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Debra Garls

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Conversion for Teamcenter

Handles graphics, Office, and CAD formats

Conversion for Teamcenter
gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 ConversionThe conversion of documents to PDF or TIFF is a popular standard feature of our document management system for Siemens PLM Teamcenter. If you want to process or convert more graphics, Office, or CAD formats, SEAL Systems offers many application converters with which they can be created automatically in neutral data formats.

How does document conversion work?

Conversion takes place automatically in the background, and is possible for both high volume conversions and the interactive conversion of single documents. Conversion management is done from the context of the documents. This means that it can be created depending on data type, on attributes or target formats of differing paper size.

Our conversion solutions are typically used for the following tasks: Elvis-Daumen-hoch-klein-178x300 Conversion

  • Application conversion and format conversion (MS Office files, various CAD formats)
  • Merging and separating documents
  • Compression and encryption
  • Stamps and watermarks
  • Monitoring for conformity (PDF/A, for example)
  • Setting document properties – running macros
  • Updating headers

Is the conversion process defined as workflow?

Naturally! Conversion is ordered over Teamcenter integration automatically or manually (batch process, via templates) and handed over to an external conversion server from SEAL Systems. A high-performance, asynchronous conversion into neutral format is carried out there. Control information, layers and drawing blocks are automatically exchanged or added in this step. The conversion jobs can be monitored at all times directly in Teamcenter. Teamcenter’s browser-based DPF tracker is started and follows the status of the conversion jobs.

That means:

  • The most transparent processes possible
  • Easy traceability of document distribution
  • Monitoring of conversion jobs right in Teamcenter, with status reports.

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