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Enovia, Windchill and others

Output and document management for further PLM systems

Enovia, Windchill and others
Along with solutions for Teamcenter, SEAL Systems also offers coupling with other PLM systems from leading providers. Our modular systems for document management, printing, conversion and distribution can be used along with the most important PLM systems.
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Which PLM systems can be used along with Teamcenter?

ENOVIA / SmarTeam, Windchill, keytech PLM, Oracle Agile PLM, CEYONIQ nscale, CIM DATABASE, documentum, eMatrix, PRO.FILE

How does it work?

Different methods are used for this coupling, depending on the PLM or document management system. The documents and parameters first compiled by the source system and then handed over to the SEAL Systems output server (for example as XML or Textfile). This can be done over an HTTP command, a web service interface or a file exchange directory. After the handover of job data, additional parameters can be selected interactively. Typical here is the selection of target printer, stamp configuration or paper sizes. A browser-based tool is available and can be included in the process if needed.

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