PDF Days Europe 2017 in Berlin

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

PDF-Days-270x300 PDF Days Europe 2017 in BerlinFrom Mai 15. to 16. 2017 again the succesful PDF Days take place in Berlin. Of course we will be there!

At the PDF Days you will see presentations, best-practise reports from users and workshops around PDF & Co. not only in German and English language, but also a

Lecture of our expert Dr. Uwe Wächter about

Conversion of embedded files in PDF/A-2 without any manual intermediate steps

Common tools for generation of PDF/A-2 mostly can only create single PDF/A files. But the latest version of PDF Longlife Suite from SEAL Systems converts also so-called encapsulated or embedded files, for example emails with attachments or WORD documents with embedded Excel tables to PDF/A2. Essential in this process is, that we use the capacity of PDF/A-2, to be a container for another PDF/A files.

When? 16. Mai 2017, 13:30 o’clock

Here you can register for the PDF-Days: Registration

Here is the Agenda

Here you get further information about the PDF Days: Infos


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