Output Management for Windows

Without chaotic mass of drivers, reliable, and for all environments

Output Management for Windows

Output Management for Windows – What is it?drucker_doppelt-300x262 Windows

You must have heard the old saying about not being able to see the forest for all the trees.

Does a heterogeneous printer landscape with a lot of various printer drivers reminds you of this saying? Do you doubt that the universal driver made by the printer manufacturer can really cover all types and models in your infrastructure? Is integrating terminal servers and home office environments not always as easy as it should be? We have the solution!

The Windows MasterDriver, winner of the Innovation Award, works in the Output Management Engine from SEAL Systems. This means you are able to transact all of your analogue and electronic printing processes via just one driver.

This way, you create transparency in your output processes and profit from valuable additional functions listed here. Our output management engine guarantees system stability, facilitates encrypted and compressed data transmission and allows manufacturer-dependent Secure & PickUp Printing. Current windows printing servers can be substituted by the SEAL output management and save you cash.


With or windows master driver, you can view the selected printing parameters at any time.

Output management for Windows – Who needs it?

Our output management engine makes sense for every company that wants to lower the costs of printing output and infrastructure administration under Windows yet remain independent of proprietary solutions of individual manufacturers. It also provides valuable advantages for any administrator that is still frequently occupied with driver administration and fault diagnostics and for any user who considers easy and simple printing from Windows an essential basis for their work.

The following are examples of challenges or problems where our output management system is used to make your day-to-day business significantly easier:

  • Administration of many different printer drivers
  • Doing away with any dependency on printer manufacturers
  • Printer driver incompatibilities due to heterogeneous system landscapes
  • Incompatibilities and performance problems in virtualised environments
  • Reduction in printing costs and promotion of green IT
  • Protecting sensitive data from unauthorised access
  • Facilitation of cost transparency for output processes

Typical Problem Situations

Use the award winning generic Windows driver from SEAL Systems. All Windows systems and device types can be linked with only one driver for the entire corporation. You decide which device characteristics should be offered for which user group both individually and across manufacturers. These options apply not only to printer output, but are also available without limitations for the electronic distribution of your documents. With the Add Printer Wizard, the user can select any printer which is of interest to him and which is linked to the master driver locally. Furthermore, with the SEAL driver, you save not only valuable time and energy, rather you also save money by using the Windows printer server.


COM-Printer-Wizard-en Windows

User self service: Printer set-up made easy with the Add Printer Wizard

With the output management engine from SEAL Systems you make your processes independent of all printer hardware. The engine is firmly rooted in your application level and prepares all printing relevant processes independent of hardware. No matter which device manufacturer, type or model you would like to use for output, you will get an exactly identical and uniform printout. Free yourself from all restraints, together we are standardising your output processes and you can make decisions on hardware based solely on economic factors.

Free yourself from the dependency on various printer drivers as well as from waiting periods for driver updates. With the generic driver from SEAL Systems, only one driver is available for all output processes. This adapts to the heterogeneous system landscapes and prevents incompatibilities. This way, you guarantee consistent printouts regardless of manufacturer as well as increased system stability for your output processes.

Your administrators long for a central system for decentralised organisation? The SEAL output management system can be integrated into terminal server environments extremely easily and functions as a central organisational unit. The Microsoft certified generic MasterDriver from SEAL Systems is used in the output engine meaning your terminal servers and physical and virtual desktops remain free of native printer drivers. Users still have access to the right printer with individually defined device characteristics which always appear the same.

komposition3-209x300 Windows
You want to reduce printing costs sustainably and promote green IT? The SEAL output management engine can contribute substantially to your employees producing fewer unnecessary printouts and consequently to reducing the costs for printing by providing manufacturer-independent Pull Printing. Printing jobs are not initiated until some sort of authentication is employed at the printer such as entering a PIN, an employee ID or scanning a barcode with a mobile end terminal. Unordered printing jobs can be deleted automatically after a defined time period thereby preventing them from becoming “uncollected” and landing in the wastepaper basket.

Ordner-mit-Kette-300x255 WindowsIn the output management system, state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms ensure that your confidential data and documents are also treated as confidential and are protected. Decryption is not carried out until the document reaches the output device and sensitive documents can be protected from unwanted viewing by device-neutral pull printing. Only authorised employees are able to order confidential documents and this only after authentication at the printer.

sparsamkeit-300x240 WindowsCentral control management and accounting provide a ray of hope in the frequently inky black lack of transparency! With the central output management system, you have all your costs in view. Breaking down the printing volume can be differentiated and evaluated down to the fine details which guarantees a high degree of transparency regarding costs. The systematic fleet management resulting from this allows you to continue operating your pool of equipment efficiently and use your operating materials wisely. The output management system can also be integrated into current asset and incident management systems.

Output management for Windows in contextgluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Windows

Output Management for Windows is a subsection of the corporate output management system from SEAL Systems. It connects all applications with all output channels throughout the entire corporation within a single system. It takes on the tasks of data preparation (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and controlling the output channels (printers, plotters, electronic output methods). Furthermore, it provides a wide range of functions regarding all aspects of your printing infrastructure and printing processes.

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