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GD_100px Security + Load Balancing
Debra Garls

Account Manager

Security + load distribution

System stability, load distribution and protection for your documents when printing

Security + load distribution
Do you have sensitive data and documents that are not sufficiently secured for transmission? Do you expect a constantly high level of availability and system stability from your output processes?


sicherheit-300x210 Security + Load BalancingIntegrated encryption and compression mechanisms in the output management system protect your data from unauthorised external access but also from within your company network.


Large quantities of data can also be compressed for transmission thereby expediting the exchange of information. Decryption and decompression are carried out in the local network of the destination or directly at the output medium. Furthermore, the manufacturer-independent PickUp Printing system from SEAL Systems provides you with yet another security package. Confidential documents are not released for printing until after an employee has entered Authentication at the output device.

Process-critical output and printing processes absolutely must be guaranteed to provide maximum performance and a high level of availability at the same time.


Thanks to the intelligent multi-server architecture from SEAL Systems, we create optimum load distribution and system stability as well as maximum printer throughput for you.

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