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Secure & PickUp Printing / Pull Printing
Reducing Printing Costs

Authentication first, then printing

Secure & PickUp Printing / Pull Printing
Reducing Printing Costs

Secure & PickUp Printing – What is it? gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Secure & PickUp Printing

Secure & PickUp Printing (also called Pull Printing or Follow Me Printing) is our name for an output method where the printouts are not output directly with the printing process on the selected printer. Instead, these are held back until the user identifies himself at the printer and authorises the output.

Secure & PickUp Printing – Who needs it?

Every company that wants to replace their work station printers with central multifunctional printers. This reduces printing expenses and minimises administrative burdens. These targets can be reached even better with Secure & PickUp Printing.

Secure & PickUp Printing – How does it work?

Users can print to the pick-up queue on the PLOSSYS server from any application. If you want to pick up the printout later, you can go to the printer, identify yourself at the printer and get a list of outstanding printing jobs. After selecting the printing jobs that you want to print now, these are sent from the PLOSSYS server directly to the printer for output. Employees can identify themselves at the printer using their company ID and a card reader or with a mobile phone by scanning an RFID tag or a barcode on the printer.


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Our corporate output management system provides you with the opportunity for manufacturer-independent secure & pick-up printing. As the actual printing of documents at the printer can take place only after identification of the user, this guarantees the highest security for printing your sensitive and confidential documents. Selecting secure & pick-up printing as the preset configuration will prevent extra unnecessary printouts. Our corporate output management solution works independent of make, model or hardware properties.


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Typical Questions

For the option with the card reader, a client at the printer and another administrative server are also required. For this, SEAL Systems provides GeniusMFP from Genius Bytes in Bochum. It is manufacturer-neutral and supports multifunctional printers from Canon, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Samsung and Xerox. The identification of the job and all other functions takes place via the embedded client at the printer. The PickUp Printing solutions from the printer manufacturers, which work in a similar way to what is described here, are also supported.

For those who do not want to install a card reader for every printer that will be installed and who would rather link any printer they wish to the Secure + Pull Printing solution and would also like to have a more convenient user interface with a higher degree of user acceptance, can achieve this using the PLOSSYS DocPrint app. With PLOSSYS DocPrint, a barcode or an RFID tag is scanned at the printer. The app then displays all jobs currently in the pick-up queue for the user. These can then be simply output or deleted. PLOSSYS DocPrint is available for Android, iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone.

All printer manufacturers offer their own Secure & PickUp Printing solutions and there are also a few other solutions from independent providers. What is the advantage of a Secure & PickUp Printing solution with PLOSSYS after all?

  • Manufacturer independence
  • Investment security
  • Encrypted data transmission and security
  • Integration of the Secure & PickUp Printing solution into all applications across all locations
  • Bandwidth-optimised, corporate output management instead of isolated solutions
  • PLOSSYS DocPrint.

Secure & PickUp Printing – Your benefits

  • Significant reduction in printing expenditures as output jobs which are not picked up are not printed.
  • Increased security as confidential documents are not left at the printer unintentionally.
  • Less administrative time and effort because considerably fewer printers have to be administered and the output chain can be monitored entirely by PLOSSYS.
  • More security as transmissions can be encrypted from client to printer.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership thanks to hardware independence. The amount of work involved in replacing hardware is drastically reduced.Promoting sustainability even for printing as fewer printers are needed (replacing workstation printers with multifunctional devices) and less is printed overall (PickUp Printing)
  • Better working environment as the levels of fine dust and ozone at workstations are reduced.


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