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Printer DRIVER Management

Creating and managing printers in a centralised manner for SAP, Windows and PLOSSYS

Printer DRIVER Management
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You are the person in charge of managing large printer infrastructures and maintenance and setup of printers are time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks? The assignment of the output devices to the individual SAP and Windows environments, as well as non-active printers drive you up the wall?

With SEAL Systems’ printer driver management, all connected output systems are maintained in one central database. New printers can be added to the printer database easily and quickly using a web interface.

easyprima-en-1050 Printer ManagementAssignment to the different system environments is a piece of cake: at the touch of a button, synchronisation with all desired system environments consisting of SAP, Windows and additional SEAL Output Management systems is performed. Additionally, there is a permanent, automated synchronisation between the printer database and the system environments. If printers are deleted from the database, they are no longer available to the user in the system environment. The opposite is the case regarding the process of adding new printer drivers. In order to further simplify the management of large printer infrastructures, these can additionally be divided into different system and device groups.

You are already using the Output Management solution of a different provider?

Due to its system-neutral database, SEAL printer management can also be integrated into other output solutions.

White Paper Corporate Output Management

White Paper Corporate Output Management

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