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Integrated conversion

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Integrated conversion

Integrated conversion – What is it?

mann_gluehbirne-184x300 Integrated ConversionSEAL Systems offers a corporate output management platform that connects applications (SAP, Windows applications, CAD, PLM, …) with various output channels (printers, plotters, email, portals, archives, …). This way we ensure that the information and data streams that come from applications are prepared in such a way that these are appropriate for the demands of the output channels.


This means that the same driver is used every time for jobs coming from Windows applications no matter which printer the user wants to use.


Another example is that only a generic device type has to be maintained in SAP no matter which process the information is being provided for. Or that Office documents, PDFs or CAD documents can be printed directly from SAP, Sharepoint or from a smartphone without having to open these documents interactively beforehand.

Typical Questions

Our output management engine takes the generic data from SAP or Windows and the documents from DMS and komposition3-209x300 Integrated ConversionPLM solutions or from mobile clients, creates a PDF or PDF/A when the user wants to distribute the documents electronically or generates the correct printer code for when paper is needed. The following applies in such situations: Conversion is possible, especially when device independence and reductions in administration effort are very important, but it is not necessary. The latter is particularly true when very special printing formats are required or there are certain performance demands that do not allow data processing in any form.

It is, of course, possible to take the position that channel-specific data processing is not a task that should fall to a “switching center”, rather that the data should already come out of applications appropriately processed. Exactly this is the origin of the complexity and failure susceptibility in the output processes which our methods can reduce considerably.


multifunktionsdrucker-262x300 Integrated ConversionAn SAP form is created exactly once and then maintained instead of being adapted to each individual device and transmitted. If you change printers, this will no longer be an issue in SAP basic support. In the conversion processes, barcodes can be used in such a way that no special extensions are needed at the printers any more. The same applies to processing Unicode strings.


For Windows and Citrix printing, there are no longer any conflicts because of driver incompatibilities. There is only one printer driver for every output device. Replacing the fleet is possible at any time just as installing new devices from any manufacturer. And integrated conversion ensures that the page breaks of my documents are always the same while printing.


From SAP-DMS, Sharepoint, Teamcenter and many other applications that administer documents, I can print all documents of a select list or all results of a document search easily without having to have opened these explicitly in the application beforehand. With this, additional dynamic stamp information can be added in order to bring attention to the status of the document, for example.

Integrated conversion – Your benefits

  • Working with device neutrality in applications considerably reduces the amount of effort required in application support.
  • Integrated barcode fonts and Unicode strings save on expenditures for additional printer modules or other external applications.
  • With device neutrality, the same look and feel of what is output is guaranteed for all devices.
  • Manufacturer independence increases how flexible you can be when replacing individual printers or the entire printer fleet.
  • New output channels are easy to integrate without a high degree of adaptation effort in the applications.
  • Reductions in driver variety and therefore a higher degree of stability for Windows printing.
  • Less strain on the SAP application server because print processing is outsourced to the output management system.
  • Batch printing of documents and application formats.

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