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Forms management (in connection with output management)

Forms in SAP, mainframe or web applications can be set up and administered with ease.

Forms management (in connection with output management)


We offer forms consulting, development and design as well as companywide distribution all from one source.

You are searching for a competent, experienced consultant of forms development on basis of SAPSAP Standards (SAPscript, Smart Forms, Adobe Forms)?

Together with our partner MINDFORMS we offer attractive layout design, connected with consequent separation of layout, data retrieval and data processing. All this on basis of pure SAP standardized functions! MINDFORMS, the biggest forms development team in the European region stands for technology independent forms consultance and development. MINDFORMS supports you during layout and implementation phase. This will enable you to manage the historical form structures. You will learn new technologies and your forms will be easier to handle and to maintain. MindformsIn connection with the output management experience from SEAL Systems your fomrs will be design accordning your individual requierements and the distribution is guaranteed in the correct format to every output channels.

Is your document creation process currently rigid? Does it lack flexibility? Are SAP’s own means of designing and administrating forms insufficient for your needs?

Together with our Partner Cartago Live®, we provide you with an XML-based form management solution that facilitates consistent separation of content and layout for business information. In addition to seamless SAP® integration, interfaces for linking mainframe or web applications easily are also available to you.Logo Cartago

This way, your forms can be created and maintained both centrally and peripherally and are available for every user according to their level of authorisation. The interplay of SEAL and CartagoLive® guarantees that the correct layout will be used automatically depending on the process and the selected output channel or that the forms will be output identically on all printers, even if these have only been defined once.


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