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Digital distribution

The electronic distribution of documents and data is one aspect of multi-channel output

Digital distribution
How can documents and data generated from software applications be digitally distributed and thus made available to services or persons? How can media breaks be avoided? How can digitization be successful when many different applications play a role?

These elementary requirements must be met by modern output management. It is always about how your special requirements are considered and how a holistic solution can be realized.

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Classic distribution by e-mail, EDI and fax

Today, every company has a variety of distribution channels for data and documents. Our output management can address your existing e-mail, EDI and fax servers and thus transmit the generated documents in an automated and process-safe manner. Special cloud, messaging or hosting services are also supported. If detailed feedback from distribution is logged, our output engine can process it and report back to the appropriate application level. Thus, a continuous transparency is achieved.

Our output engine has standard protocols for most servers and services, such as Microsoft Exchange or Retarus Fax Services. Customer-specific systems can be integrated via appropriate interfaces (APIs, web services). The standard procedures are described in our comprehensive documentation. We will be happy to answer special requirements on request.

How does the classic distribution via e-mail, EDI and fax work?

For this purpose, the corresponding data is determined from the application level and generated and provided in the correct format.

For this purpose, corresponding workflows can be coordinated and adapted with your EDI service provider. Thus, documents can be made available in addition to pure EDI data.

For this we use our “Document Services” approach. This allows data and design to be processed separately, resulting in an attractive HTML5 e-mail.

Integration of portals, archives and ECM solutions

The different portal solutions can be classified into different categories. These include the classic document management systems (DVS, archives, ECM) and the modern cloud storage (e.g. Google G Suite) of the various hosters or Internet service providers (ISP).

The following solution providers were successfully integrated in customer projects:

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Microsoft SharePoint SAP DVS Records management
SAP SharePoint

How does the integration of portals, archives and ECM solutions work?

In principle, any existing system can be integrated via modern interfaces (APIs, web services, micro services).

The purchasing process can be carried out with corresponding documents. This means that the purchaser does not have to collect the necessary documents manually.

We have created standards with our data collection for SAP business processes. However, third-party systems can also be integrated together. For this purpose, structures, data and documents are determined and linked with each other.

Digital distribution of mobile devices, monitors, terminals

In addition to the connection of portals, information in the form of documents and data can also be made available on mobile devices (for example in the area of paperless production) on monitors and terminals.

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