Administration and monitoring

Central monitoring and control of all output devices and output processes

Administration and monitoring
Are monitoring and transparency for the distribution of documents and information across your entire company a little too similar to a black hole? Is controlling the output devices and their operating statuses inconvenient and time-consuming? Would you like to have a central cockpit which can be used to monitor and control all jobs and devices?


SEAL Systems provides administrators with straightforward display and monitoring of all devices and their operating statuses in just one cockpit.

lupeOne glance is enough to identify a problem and solve it promptly – before the users even have a chance to call you or the help desk! You can integrate devices from any manufacturer, brand or model into this system. No matter which location the output devices or output servers are at, you can have an overview of all operating statuses and can rectify malfunctions without having to perform a search. These options apply not only to printer output, but are also available without limitations for the electronic distributionof your documents.

For example, do you want to track whether orders, were sent via email or made available in the portal? That can be done too! SEAL Systems facilitates transparency throughout for you with end-to-end tracking.


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