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Accounting + Controlling
Printing process control

The basis for reducing expenditures

Accounting + Controlling
Printing process control

What does “accounting + control management” mean in the context of output processes?

ueberwachung-300x279 Accounting + Control ManagementWho printed what, when, to where and from which application. This is the simplest way to summarise this. The output management engine from SEAL Systems logs all important information about a printing process:

  • When did a job enter the system?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Who initiated its output?
  • How was it processed in the output management system?
  • How long did take?
  • When was the job printed?
  • Which output parameters were used?
  • How long did take?

All of this information can be exported into accounting files. Of course, you decide which information is at all important to you. Then only these items are logged. Information is provisioned in a CSV file, which is very easy to process and display using EXCEL or Business Analytics.

Your benefitselvis_ausrufezeichen-161x300 Accounting + Control Management

  • You know exactly where, when and how much is printed and you are able to optimise your printer fleet (placing the right printers in the right positions)
  • You are optimising your processes because you know exactly where the printouts are coming from
  • You are reducing maintenance effort for your forms because you can trace which forms are still being printed at all
  • You contribute to sustainability in your company because processes are adapted based on the correct information

Are accounting + control management really necessary?

Are you of the opinion that printer manufacturers already provide any relevant information so that you can monitor and account for your printing costs desktop-300x282 Accounting + Control Managementtidily? Do you believe that you even have the advantage that the printer’s scanning and copying functions can be evaluated? And that there are even fleet management solutions that offer their monitoring and evaluation systems? For all of this, however, yet another application (fleet management) is required. Or, if printers from multiple manufacturers are used, the multiple solutions must be used as well. How much is then distributed electronically or how much is output using label printers or plotters, for example, remains a mystery. Our output management engine logs all jobs that are transacted using it.

Often, the issue is not allocating the generated printing expenditures or charging a supplier – the information is rather often used to find out whether the printer fleet is set up in the best way possible:

  • Are there too few or rather too many printers?
  • Is the size of the printer appropriate for the output volume?
  • Where is the most printing carried out?
  • Which printer functions are used at all? And where are they used?

The following information is just as important to optimise processes:

  • Which SAP forms are still used anyway?
  • Where would the introduction of electronic distribution processes make sense?
  • Where is the most time lost during the output/distribution process?
  • Was certain information actually distributed?

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