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Our Output Management Engine

A system for company-wide document and information distribution

Our Output Management Engine
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Our output management engine, PLOSSYS, is the heart of our output management solutions. It connects its application layers with all of its output channels. And, it takes on generic data processing and conversion for both application processing and neutral processing of output data streams.

At the same time, you can augment documents with additional information like stamps and barcodes, cover pages and end sheets, tables of contents, etc.

Robust spooling, management and monitoring your output streams (until its destination) complement the core functions of this powerful engine.

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With the version PLOSSYS netdome the basis of our output management was laid. All market requirements of the last decades flowed into this engine, starting with PDM, PLM integrations up to the certified SAP interface. As a special feature, CAD drawings (documents in large format) can be provided with additional information. The focus is thus on adaptability to special customer and project requirements.

You can read the latest development steps in the following blog articles.

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With PLOSSYS 5 you can use the proven features of the PLOSSYS series and at the same time the latest software technology – e.g. for operation in the cloud. For this new platform we use the cloud-native approach and apply operating system independent technology. This includes micro services, docker containers and cubernet clusters.

The latest development steps can be found in the following blog articles.

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  • Just one system for company-wide document and information distribution from all applications – across locations
  • Very fast and high performance data stream processing of less than 1 second per document
  • Cloud-native as the basis for future development for seamless integration in every cloud instance
  • Robust and fail-safe spooling
  • Central administration, management and monitoring of your output processes until they reach their destination
  • Select the desired output channel for your documents: analog (printer, plotter, MFP, label printer, etc.) or electronic (email, portal, mobile devices, data terminals, etc.) – intuitive and independent of the manufacturer
  • Output processes are defined and standardized just once (uniform print image, form definition, corporate identity, etc.) to let you work independently from the printer hardware
  • Costs are reduced throughout output infrastructure through intelligent processes and savings on print servers

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