Mobile printing

Printing and distributing documents, photos and more – directly from a smartphone or tablet

Mobile printing

tablett-216x300 Mobile PrintingMobile printing – What is it?

“Mobile printing” is what we call printing documents, photos or email attachments directly from a mobile end device on any printer in the network. SEAL Systems’ PLOSSYS functionality makes mobile printing device-neutral, transparent and secure.


Mobile printing – Who needs it?

With tablets and smartphones, only those documents, emails or photos that are on computers or back-end systems are printed.

But … What about documents saved locally on mobile devices? What about documents received via social media such as WhatsApp? What about when your company doesn’t even use computers any more and everything is done with tablets? … Are these just visions of the future?

When we speak with our customers, we find that the future has already begun for them. Laptops are being replaced by tablets and even the integration of smartphones into the corporate infrastructure is on the rise as well. More than 70% of all users of mobile devices state that they avoid printing something solely because their device or their printer does not support it.

Typical Questions

sicherheit2-300x210 Mobile Printing
The solutions for mobile printing from SEAL Systems are secure! From a mobile device to a printer, data can be transmitted in encrypted form throughout. After registering, authentication is carried out using tokens meaning that no passwords have to be saved locally on the mobile device. For the printing itself, the data remains within your own network – either via WiFi or VPN. Any devices that are lost can be blocked from having further access to the printing infrastructure, which is an important security feature for our customers.

We offer the mobile app for PLOSSYS for all important operating systems and devices: Android, iOS and Windows phones. Needless to say, all printers in the company can be controlled using the app because the output is completed via PLOSSYS. This manufacturer independence guarantees long-term security of investment.

The simple integration of the mobile app for PLOSSYS into the existing IT infrastructure (e.g., AD coupling) and the central configuration options are commended as exemplary by our customers. For customers that already use PLOSSYS, there will essentially be added benefits. The basic infrastructure is, of course, already in place. For customers that don’t yet use PLOSSYS, it is worth paying attention to the additional possibilities PLOSSYS has to offer. Our aspiration is to remove all complexity from printing. Corporate output management – one solution for every demand.

With the mobile app for PLOSSYS, all document types can be printed that are also supported by PLOSSYS itself. In addition to PDF, TIFF, JPG, WORD, EXCEL, and PowerPoint, this includes other office formats as long as the appropriate converter is licensed.

mail-300x292 Mobile PrintingEmail attachments can be printed with the mobile app for PLOSSYS. If the email itself has to be output, this can be completed using an email gateway on the PLOSSYS server. Emails that are forwarded to the gateway are automatically processed for printing and can then be output via the PickUp Printing queue. The output of email body text in different operating systems is now also possible.

In principle, all output parameters can be controlled with the mobile app for PLOSSYS. What is useful must be decided on a case-by-case basis. That is why this can also be configured for the mobile app for PLOSSYS.

Mobile printing – How does it work?

Very simply!

  • Select document, e.g., an email attachment (see Image 1)
  • Open it with the PLOSSYS DocPrint app (see Image 2)
  • Set the printing parameters and off you go (see Image 3)


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