Output Management for engineering

Printing and distributing from CAD and PLM (plot management)

Output Management for engineering

Output management for engineering – What is it? technischezeichnung-227x300 Engineering

Do you want to distribute entire component structures from your PLM/PDM systems in a way that is automated and traceable? Do you also want to enhance these documents with metadata, stamps, barcodes, tables of contents, cover sheets and end sheets, etc. in order to guarantee that documents are labelled and directed reliably?

The SEAL Systems output management system provides you with the functionality of automated and coherent document distribution for Teamcenter, SAP PLM and many further PLM/PDM systems (Windchill, Enovia, Keytech PLM, Profile…). Incomplete and inaccurate documents in engineering processes are a thing of the past!

You define which documents and drawings should be collected, provided with additional information and distributed either physically or electronically.

These distribution processes are frequently transacted by involving large format printers (plotters) which is why plot management is a popular term in this context. With PLOSSYS, SEAL Systems developed the first plot management system in the world and still remains the global market leader for these types of solutions.


You can also profit from the knowledge and the technically developed solutions of the market leader!

Output management for engineering – Who needs it?

For every company that uses PLM/PDM systems and that would like to optimise its output processes, our output management COM-Engineering-Printing-en Engineeringfor engineering provides many valuable advantages.

The following are examples of challenges or problems where our output management system is used to make your day-to-day business significantly easier:

  • Integration into your business processes (automatic batch processing) or interactive (manual) assignment via the SEAL Print Client (drag-and-drop via web frontend)
  • Automated, secure and traceable document and information distribution from engineering applications
  • Electronic document and information distribution in the age of Industry 4.0
  • Process integrated oversized processing and scaling
  • Individualised document labelling and directing using stamps, watermarks and metadata
  • Creation of technical documentation, manuals, etc. at the touch of a button using publishing
  • Conversion and long-term archiving of engineering documents
  • The highest degree of security when distributing confidential data

Typical Problem Situations

pepierstapel-239x300 EngineeringDo you want to provide your external service providers with complete and examined sets of documents and pass these on with the highest level of security standards? Avoid all problems that arise from outdated, incomplete and inaccurate documents and information in the engineering process. Trust in the process integrated know-how of SEAL Systems! Together with you, we define the sifting through and collecting of all your component structures in your PLM/PDM systems and guarantee that the right documents arrive in one document set at the right place and at the right time. Integrated encryption and compression mechanisms in the output management system protect your data from unauthorised external access but also from within your company network. Large quantities of data can also be compressed for transmission thereby expediting the exchange of information.

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With SEAL Systems, you are free to select which output channels you would like to address. In addition to the commonplace electronic distribution methods such as email, portal, etc., we have responded to the demands of the fourth industrial revolution and are facilitating document and information distribution on finishing terminals, monitors and mobile end devices for you – even in 3D.

With the output management system from SEAL Systems, you can decide which scale each of your documents should display. Oversized documents are scaled appropriately for each end device and processed device neutrally and also made available in the desired size and optimum quality. It is even extremely easy to output formats larger than A0 such as drawings and project plans on large format printers.

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Do you want to have revision safety and traceability in the document process so as to avoid unpleasant surprises? Our output management system provides you with tailor-made document preparation processes consisting of stamps, watermarks and the inclusion of additional metadata. This way, you ensure the highest degree of transparency and up-to-datedness in the document process. Additional metadata allows you to trace which employee initiated distribution as well as when and why. Automatically generated cover and end sheets as well as tables of contents make everything even more straightforward.

SEAL Systems provides you with integrated encryption and compression mechanisms in the output management system. This way, you protect your data from unauthorised external access but also from within your company network. Large quantities of data can also simply be compressed for transmission thereby expediting the exchange of information. Decryption and decompression are carried out in the local network of the destination or directly at the output medium.

Output management for engineering in context gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Engineering

Output management for engineering is a subsection of the corporate output management system from SEAL Systems. It connects all applications with all output channels throughout the entire corporation within a single system. It takes on the tasks of data preparation (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and controlling the output channels (printers, plotters, electronic output methods). Furthermore, it provides a wide range of functions regarding all aspects of your printing infrastructure and printing processes.

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