Output Management Software
For The Cloud

Realize complex output requirements in the cloud

Output Management Software
For The Cloud
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SEAL Systems enhances your cloud applications with an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for document distribution. For our software platform, PLOSSYS 5, we apply our experiences in the on-premise business concerning high scalable cloud applications. Besides the flexible use for your cloud applications, we offer further useful enhancements for your IT basis and IT infrastructure:

The following applications of our customers are running in the cloud:

  • Business Applications (ERP and CRM systems)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM systems)
  • Engineering Applications (PLM, PDM, CAx)
  • Office Applications (Office 365)
  • Customer Specific Solutions (Cloud for Costumer C4C)

drucker_grins-klein-300x212 Output Management for the CloudMicrosoft Azure & Amazon Webservices AWS

Each cloud model uses its own system environment of the used hoster. SEAL Systems supports the market leader in this system environment like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Due to our technology leadership microservices, container technology and Kubernetes are familiar expressions for us.

Cloud-printing-750-en Output Management for the Cloud

Fit for the cloud: the output management engine from SEAL Systems

Seal_signet_com-300x103 Output Management for the CloudTo enable output management from the cloud, we have built-up our well-proven –output management engine PLOSSYS – on a complete new technical basis with version 5. This sysem can be installed on common servers, but also can be used with software containers in cloud environments. The microservice architecture of PLOSSYS 5 enables a selective choice of the actual needed services. In this way, the basis print output can be done inhouse to minimize the data transfer between cloud and location. But, rarely used components can be additionally booked from the cloud and charged according to real usage. A control component takes care of the correct selection of services for each order. So unnecessary steps are avoided.

Tikwinski_Thomas_200x200ox Output Management for the Cloud“When properly utilized, the cloud is a powerful tool that simplifies IT environments, reduces expenditures and lowers management costs. Not every IT process is suitable for a cloud operation, but with sound judgement and competent partners, companies can save substantial costs – especially for standard processes such as output manage­ment.”

Thomas Tikwinski, head of development at SEAL Systems

Some technical details

PiDataCenter Output Management for the CloudWe can already show you today how well this technology works. We’ve designed a Cloud in miniature, in which the crucial components have already been realized by PLOSSYS 5 — printing & converting with distributing, scaling, load balancing, failover and multi-architecture container technology. And, all of this is multi-platform and on the smallest hardware.

Our state-of-the-art mini data center is fitted with 14 ARM32, ARM64 and Intel64 servers which are supplied with the same container images and managed with the same technology that we use in the large environments of our cloud service. This way, we can reproduce a myriad of operating conditions, load situations and problem situations: all the way to complete malfunction scenarios under realistic conditions – and subject the PLOSSYS components to thorough scrutiny. Because even if output management comes from the Cloud in the future, there’s still one thing to be prevented at all costs, and that’s malfunctions.


By the way: Construction plans and instructions for the mini cloud can be ordered free of charge as Open Source. Contact us by email, if you are interested opensource@sealsystems.de.


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