Our videos, webinars & tutorials

Our videos, webinars & tutorials

We have prepared the following webinars, tutorials and videos for you:

Webinar: Paperless Production

In this brief 15 minute presentation, you’ll learn how to effectively bring SAP and SEAL digitally to your shop floor!

Seal_signet_palo_EN-300x103 Videos, Webinars & TutorialsPaperless – or digital – production modernizes manufacturing processes for safer, more reliable, and faster work centers! Make the Digital Factory (Industry 4.0) a reality with the conversion of your production processes from paper to digital processes. With live data from your SAP system, connected directly to your plant floor personnel, up-to-date order information and processing are a breeze.

Find out how SEAL Systems innovates the shop floor work with order data, drawing, and multimedia information at the point of manufacturing. With live confirmation of parts milled, or scrap recovered, recording details about their work, employees are able to record changes, serial numbers and notes without having to login to complex systems or fill out forms by hand. If you provide your personnel and suppliers with documents electronically, paperless production (=PALO) streamlines the supply chain, and brings all information to each critical phase of the production and distribution workflow.

When? Tuesday, December 12, 6:00 PM CET
Duration: 15 Minutes
Speaker: David Salamanek, Head of our American subsidiary
Where? https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6433527694396404483


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Watch our tutorial and find out which ones are the six major risks with SAP Output Management!

Businesses that work with SAP systems must be able to make documents and information available to all stakeholders easily and securely. Yet it’s just this core process that often poses the greatest challenges for those responsible. It also holds risks that should not be underestimated.


Seal_signet_com-300x103 Videos, Webinars & Tutorials

Learn about the six biggest risks in SAP output management in ten minutes, and discover how you can avoid these and create SAP output processes that are both easy and secure.

Duration: 10 minutes
Speaker: Tobias Habermann, Output Management Expert


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