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Customer Stories and Case Studies

Here you’ll find a selection of our user reports

Customer Stories and Case Studies
Here you’ll find a selection of our most recently published customer stories. You’ll find more directly on our website’s topic pages. We’d be happy to send you further user reports on certain topics per request – just send a short e-mail to
Case Study “Quality certificates at Linde” (03/2018)

In this user report we show you, which challenges occured with plant component production at Linde Engineering. The solution contained a document management with bar code recognition in which quality certificates had to be evaluated, managed and compiled. Obsolete documents, which were stored in ArchiveLink could be easily migrated into the DMS. The case study describes the advantages the project has provided for Linde Engineering.

Success story Direct Publishing: “Automated PDF creation and PDF quality assurance in plant construction” (05/2017)

In this case study you will learn, how a big plant construction enterprise is able to generate a complete documentation consisting of thousands of pages in a standardized layout by using a SEAL Systems Direct Publishing solution. Furthermore you will se, how the quality of delivery documents, which are processed for the overall documentation, is automaticlally checked with the PDF Longlife Suite from SEAL Systems. This means a great benefit: before using this solution many PDF files with bad quality could not be recognized in an early stage. Therefore reworking caused trouble, loss of time and money as a result. This is a thing of the past now.

Title Case Study Label PrintingLabel printing at VBM Medizintechnik GmbH (Germany) (06/2017)

VBM Medizintechnik GmbH, a word-wide acting healtcare company, revised their label printing output processes with a SEAL Systems solution. The label creation should become more transparent by printing status information on the labels. Furthermore a guaranteed readability was demanded as well a flexible design method. With a SEAL Systems output management solution, integrated in SAP,  these requirements were completely fulfilled.

Archive for Patient Records – Conversion and storage according PDF/A-ISO standard (03/2017)

The European hospital center CHUV searched for a possibilitiy to convert all documents automatically according to ISO standard. 8000 employees from 92 nations care for more than 41,000 patients yearly. In this connection around 4,000 files must be handled with different formats like docx, html, rtl, and TIFF. With a conversion workflow and the DPF technology from SEAL Systems this challenge was solved without any problems.

Case Study: Mobile Printing in the Beverage Industry
Print with Tablets and Smartphone in Enterprises (01/2017)

A large international beverage manufacturer was looking for a manufacturer-independent mobile printing solution 500 field representatives were to carry out their work via tablets (Apple, Android) instead of laptops in the future, and also be able to print documents such as contracts, packing slips and mail attachments with them. SEAL Systems’ mobile printing solution was able to solve this problem easily.

cover-case-study-watersUser report Waters Corporation:
Success with Document Distribution and Publishing

Waters Corporation utilizes SEAL Systems Document Services to enhance production of analytical instruments. In this success story we introduce facts, information and methods for efficient document conversion and publishing processes. Our solution avoids manually works during creation of operation manuals and documentation by using automatic procedures.

cover-case-study-nebraska-power-districtUser report Nebraska Public Power District:
Plant Maintenance Orders delivered with document attachments in SAP

Since 1970, people have depended on the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) to keep electricity flowing to their homes. Today, NPPD serves approximately 1 million customers throughout 91 counties, utilizing a variety of generation sources, including hydro-electric, coalfire, and nuclear plants. With the help of SEAL Systems, Nebraska Public Power District was able to increase the efficiency of their operations.

cover-case-study-mercedesUser report Mercedes:
Automated SAP PM Order Collection and Distribution

Mercedes Benz U.S. International Inc. utilizes SEAL Systems to enhance Plant Maintenance accuracy and efficiency. In this case study we introduce facts, information and methods for efficient handling of maintenance orders. This solution avoids the manually research, print and compilation works for maintenance order processes and provides an automatic workflow.

Application report Bauerfeind TitlepageUser report Bauerfeind (Germany):
2D- and 3D-Conversion (02/2016)

SEAL Systems had the opportunity to digitally release CAD documents with the German medical technology manufacturer. Furthermore, Bauerfeind’s production employees can now convert CAD documents into long-term and 3D-neutral formats without problem.

Anwenderbericht ABB TitelseiteUser report ABB Switzerland:
Easy Management of Document Archives (12/2015)

ArchiveLink XSA from SEAL Systems puts documents in uniform format, automatically – regardless of format, quality or in which directory they are located.

Anwenderbericht Beumer TitelseiteBeumer Group user report (Germany):
ERP Output Management & CAD Conversion (09/2015)

Consolidation of ERP and CAD systems was to take place within the group. At the same time, a new output management was introduced, replacing the existing one.

Anwenderbericht Poettinger TitelseitePöttinger Landtechnik user report (Germany):
Output Management for Citrix terminal server and mobile devices (01/21015)

We carried out a project optimizing the print output within the central IT infrastructure at AloisPöttinger Machine Works. Along with the print processes, central IT’s administration and monitoring were also to be improved.

Anwenderbericht GEA Westfalia TitelseiteGEA Westfalia Separator user report (Germany):
Digital Rights management (12/2014)

With the support and solutions from SEAL Systems AG, the GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH launched a comprehensive eDRM system (Enterprise digital rights management) for all documents managed with SAP DVS (document management system).

HS Elektronik Systeme user report (Germany): Anwenderbericht HS Elektronik Systeme Titelseite
Documenting Release Processes Automatically from Siemens Teamcenter (12/2014)

As supplier for the aviation industry, HS Electronic Systems relies on the documentation of all processes. Therefore the PLM system “Teamcenter” from Siemens was adopted in the company’s engineering division. With the help of SEAL Systems, important requirements regarding the testing and approval processes were successfully implemented in Teamcenter.

Anwenderbericht Traktionssysteme Austria TitelseiteUser report Traktionssysteme Austria:
SAP PLM Optimization (04/2014)

TSA (Traktionssysteme Austria) adopts SAP PLM along with the document management system SAP DVS. Our SAP experts have developed numerous innovative processes and features for the integration of documents from SAP DVS.

Anwenderbericht Conductix Wampfler TitelseiteUser report Conductix Wampfler (Germany):
SOLIDWORKS Refiling: Secure automation (02/2014)

Here it will be possible to open older CAD models in a newer program version. A targeted migration of models with every CAD release change was too costly and not required for the majority of models.

Anwenderbericht KSB AG TitelseiteUser report KSB (Germany):
Print-on-Demand of operating instructions and labels from SAP (12/2013)

A secure, automated process was sought for the product-specific creation of labels.

Anwenderbericht Sto AG TitelseiteUser report Sto AG (Germany):
Output Optimization for SAP (07/2013)

In Sto AG’s 250 locations worldwide an output of special print orders from SAP transactions (orders with triple-layered full-color adhesive labels) should be realized in the correct sequence – complete on plain labels This task can not be depicted in standard SAP.