Product structures as graphical tree

by Adalbert Nübling

The bigger the amount of data the more need arises for more overview. At Astrium Space Transportation extensive product structures are fully automaticly created by our Output Management Engine PLOSSYS netdome. These data are then graphically displayed and output on an many device types.

Grafischer-Baum-300x223 Product structures as graphical treeAstrium GmbH has about 15,000 employees in five continents. The company is a part of the EADS group and develops space travel components. With technological components and a lot of experience as the main supplier the company covers all areas of space travel components: carrier rockets, orbital infra structures, satellite systems and services. In order to guarantee a descriptive representation of the complex Astrium product structures, these are graphically represented as tree structure. The manually graphical representation of an Ariane launch vehicle could mean several days. And this procedures must be performed after each change. Therefore the need for complete automatization of graphical product overview arised. As a data base for the graphical tree the product structures, stored in the Astrium SAP system, are processed an then visually displayed.

Output Management as solution

A standard SAP transaction from SEAL Systems enables the configurable search of bill of material lists. In these data all relevant information of the graphical tree are stored. If the data are correctly stored, which are needed for the graphical product representation, then these data are transferred to the output management system PLOSSYS netdome. In the output management system the following processing steps are performed:

  • The processing of raw data of a graphical representation is performed with the Treejuggler, which was developed and integrated into PLOSSYS netdome as a joint venture with the university Passau.
  • PLOSSYS netdome checks the raw graphical tree, created by the Treejuggler. The metric dimension is calculated and then the drawing sizes are choosen in which the graphicsl tree is inserted and drawn.
  • In a next step the drawing is prepared for the selected finishing device, like printer, plotter or electronic output device, and then ouput as indicated.

Within some minutes the graphical representaiton of the product is available, completely automatically created without any manual works.

More information about PLOSSYS netdome is available here.


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