Digital Paper Factory Efficiently Engineered Webinar: Part 1 & 2

by David Salamanek

SEAL Systems partnered with CIDEON for two informative webinars about SAP business processes.

The two webinars (part 1 and 2) provided the below invaluable information about how to:

  • Create, manage & control engineering design data
  • Store documents and data in SAP DMS
  • Build relevant links (DIR, Material, BOM’s)
  • Watermarks, stamps and signatures
  • Link to SAP business processes (Maintenance, Purchasing, etc.)
  • Securely distribute automatically to customers and vendors

Digital Paper Factory Efficiently Engineered Part 1:

Watch part 1 below to learn how to effectively design and store drawings, properly secure them with corporate regulatory information and signature history, and automatically link and distribute them with all key SAP business processes.

Digital Paper Factory Efficiently Engineered Part 2:

Watch part 2 below to learn how to create master data and link it inside SAP for useful workflows and distribution to customers and suppliers.

If you are interested in learning more about how SEAL Systems can help your company with any of the topics covered in the videos above, contact Debra Garls (email, LinkedIn) – and request more information today!


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