Conversion for Teamcenter

Processing graphics, Office and CAD formats

Conversion for Teamcenter
technischezeichnung-227x300 TeamcenterThe conversion of your documents into PDF or TIFF is a frequently used standard function that is offered by our document management system for Siemens PLM Teamcenter. If you want to edit or convert additional graphic, Office and CAD formats, SEAL Systems offers a variety of application converters with which neutral data formats can be created automatically.

Further information about our solutions for the Siemens PLM Teamcenter is available here.

The conversion into the appropriate formats take places automatically in the background, which is possible for both mass conversions as well as for the interactive conversion of individual documents. In this respect, the management of the conversion can take place on the basis of the context of the documents. This means, for example, that depending on the file types, different target formats are generated by attributes or page sizes.

  • Application converter and format converter (MS Office files, a variety of CAD formats)
  • The merging and separating of documents
  • Compressing and encrypting
  • Stamps and water-marks
  • Checking for conformity (for example, PDF/A)
  • Setting document properties – running macros
  • Update title block

elvis_ausrufezeichen-161x300 TeamcenterOf course! Conversions are requested automatically or manually via the Teamcenter integration (batch process, via templates) and transferred to an external SEAL Systems conversion server. This is where the high performance asynchronous conversion into neutral formats takes place. In this step, steering information and layers and/or title blocks can be exchanged and/or supplemented automatically. The conversion jobs can be monitored at any time directly in the Teamcenter. It is also possible to start the browser-based, so-called DPF Tracker in the Teamcenter and track the status of the conversion jobs there.


This means:

  • The best possible process transparency
  • Straightforward traceability of the document distribution
  • The monitoring of the conversion jobs with the corresponding status reports takes place directly in Teamcenter

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