Conversion for SharePoint

Integrated conversions at the touch of a button or via workflow

Conversion for SharePoint
SharePoint is a web application which covers several of the typical applications in a company or business. Among other uses, for example, its document management functions can be used in order to realise a content management system. The contents and metadata are managed by the users and administrators. Individual search functions are made available to the users. Managed via workflows, the documents go through the necessary interactive and automatic processing steps.


elvis_lupe-175x300 SharePointUsers of SharePoint can now use the well-known and efficient conversion server from SEAL Systems for file conversions.


For ad-hoc conversions, the corresponding features are available to you within your SharePoint libraries. Special workflow actions and event receivers are available for the triggering of processes from workflows.

Typical Questions

SharePoint users require the SharePoint integration of the conversion server so that they are able to carry out interactive conversions to their documents within their SharePoint working environment. Teamsite Owners can therefore provide a uniform and centrally manageable conversion engine for all users and libraries on this basis. Farm Administrators can therefore provide an additional benefit within their farm on this basis.

Users use the SEAL Systems conversion server following the selection of documents in their libraries by operating the appropriate buttons. The conversion process can subsequently be parameterised by the user in the scope of the defined possibilities.

The process monitoring of the conversion workflow can be completed by key users and – if permitted – by users directly in the DPF Tracker.


Screenshot-CPS-01 SharePoint


The actual conversion server in the tried and tested DPF technology is located outside the SharePoint server. This means that the SharePoint Farm is only burdened with these additional features to a minimum degree. The new features are provided within SharePoint by the Farm Administrator.

Yes, of course! We also provide the actual trigger for the initialisation of a conversion as a SharePoint compliant workflow action. This is able to function with the integrated workflow engine, but also with Nintex and K2:

Screenshot-CPS-02-1024x519 SharePoint

This means you do not have to wait for the result of the conversion any more!

We are currently limited to our highlights in the Windows environment, the conversion of MS Office files and non-standard PDF to PDF/A. You can also convert several files simultaneously and create a complete PDF from them if required. Depending on the use, you can also connect different dynamic stamps. If you like, we can also provide you with additional connections to the many converters which are currently available on our conversion server.

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