Conversion via email

Request your conversion easily via email

Conversion via email

mail-300x292 E-MailRequest the conversion of your documents easily via email!

Within a company, using email is an indispensable component of daily business. What could be easier than employees using familiar interfaces for automating business processes? SEAL Systems makes this a possibility!

Elvis-Daumen-hoch-klein-178x300 E-MailYour advantage: With our conversion email service, you have a tool at your fingertips which makes it easy to integrate conversion jobs into current processes. This means that routine tasks are completed quickly and reliably, thereby lightening the load for your employees.

Do you receive files from customers and suppliers via email, and would you like to convert these into your file standard and save them as such?

You can now do this very easily. Forward these emails to special exchange mailboxes. The conversion orders will then be created automatically from the incoming emails. With multiple mailboxes, you can pre-sort the orders. A set of order parameters is allocated to each mailbox. This way, your conversion engine will already have a rough idea of what it should do in each situation. For the request, all the fields of the incoming email (e.g. subject line, sender, body, attachments) are adopted as parameters. Parameters can also be pre-set in the configuration which are then sent with each order (e.g. the target format for a conversion).


Would you like to receive a reply message with the result?

That can be done too! The result of your conversion job can be sent back to the sender or to a pre-configured address via email. This way, your employees have a central conversion service at their disposal. Naturally, it is also possible to only send a confirmation message or an error message to the receiver if the result is to undergo further automated processing right away.

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