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Stamps and water marks

The visible identification of your documents

Stamps and water marks

Stamps and water-marks – what are they? stempel-02-274x300 Stamps and water marks

Stamps and water-marks are text and/or graphic elements, which serve the purposes of the additional identification and designation of documents. Water-marks cover the background of the document without obscuring its contents. Stamps cover the contents of the document, however.

Typical Questions

Integrated in the actual approval process we gather important data such as the approving editor, the date, document classifications etc. This information is then provided in the form of a stamp or water-mark. An alternate layout ensures that the actual contents are not obscured.


If you like, we can also add the appropriate information to your Office document or your CAD model. In this way it is possible to fill out complete title blocks.

If you like, we can also integrate a process which removes the stamp again. But this is only possible for PDF documents. This can be important if an approved document is to be locked again. Of course, a normal user is not able to do this.

Generally, this is not permitted. Ultimately, the stamps should always have the same appearance, as presented for audit. We do, however, provide a stamp editor to the administrator. The administrator configures the design, orientation and position of the required stamp or water-mark. Logics which are integrated in the existing workflows can also be used in order to make detailed modifications to the document.

barcode-300x245 Stamps and water marksThat can be done too! We can apply 1D and 2D barcodes with your required information. We can also provide processes to you so that these barcodes can be read again. In this way you can automatically deliver content to your ECM system.

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