Conversion to PDF/A

Make your document suitable for long-term archiving

Conversion to PDF/A


PDF/A – What is it?

PDF/A is an ISO standard which ensures the long-term, identical reproducibility of PDF files. In some sectors, archiving periods of up to 100 years are required. And nobody wants to make any changes to the file format during the archiving period.

PDF/A provides this certainty.

But it isn’t just important for PDF files to look the same in the case of long-term archiving. SEAL Systems checks your PDF files for compliance with the PDF/A regulations and will adapt them to this standard as required. For this reason, SEAL Systems is also an active member of the Association for Digital Document Standards ADDS (formerly the PDF/A Competence Centre).

What advantages does PDF/A offer for the archiving in comparison with other formats?

PDF/A brings out the advantages offered by PDF files: It is able to combine a variety of different formats, it is search-capable for texts and compared with the old TIFF format, it has the advantage of the use of colour. PDF also offers space for invisible extra functions, such as internal indexing and internal digital signatures. Then there is the key attribute of PDF/A: the only PFD functions to be used are those which also offer long-term security.



How does a PDF/A differ from a normal PDF?

A PDF/A compliant file itself contains all of the parts which are required for the straightforward reproduction. The file is whole and complete. Neither the fonts, nor the colours, nor the content via links are saved outside the file. A set of regulations supports the internal indexing of the files so that an assigning is also possible without an ECM system. A PDF/A file also provides extensive support to the user if they want to remove part of the contents again. And: The internal structure prevents external dependencies on hardware (including display unit or printer) and operating systems.

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