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Outlook Conversion

Longterm archiving for emails

Outlook Conversion

mail-300x292 Outlook ConversionDo you have to archive your emails for long periods of time?

In many companies, problems arise with original files which are created in applications and have to be stored in unchanged form for long periods of time. Application files are version and operating system dependent. Files of this kind therefore have to be converted in the event of a change of IT environment. Data migrations in archives, however, are often unwanted – so what should you do?


A better approach is the conversion of the application files before their storage into a file format which is standardised on the basis of long-term archiving standards: PDF/A. We are specialists in this area!


Typical Questions

The conversion takes place in 3 steps:


  • Segmenting of the email
    The email is segmented into its constituent parts. Attachments are saved as a separate file. This results in individual files and a descriptive XML structure with the key metadata.
  • Conversion of the individual components
    All of the files are converted into PDF files.
  • Collation of the components into one complete document
    In the final step, all of the files are collated into a complete PDF with bookmarks.


Filters control the processing. On this basis unwanted types of email, such as an out of office reply or file types such as executable programs, can be excluded from the processing.

Encrypted emails cannot be converted. They are recognised in the first processing step and their processing is cancelled after segmenting.

You can save your email folder easily as PST. Our converter also processes PST files considering the contained structures.

Lotus Notes emails can also be saved as EML. In addition to MSG and PST, our converter also processes EML.

To process MSG and PST you require a licensed Outlook. The processing of EML is carried out independently from Outlook.

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