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Office Conversion

Convert Office files into PDF files.

Office Conversion

Office Conversion – What is it?
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Problems arise with original files which are created in applications and have to be stored in unchanged form for long periods of time. Application files are version and operating system dependent. Files of this kind therefore have to be converted in the event of a change of IT environment. Data migrations in archives, however, are often unwanted. A better approach is the conversion of the application files before their storage into a file format which is standardised on the basis of long-term archiving standards: PDF/A.

Typical Questions

The application converter interprets Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project files from the Microsoft Office suite, as well as Writer, Calc and Impress files from the Apache OpenOffice suite.

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The long-term format PDF/A is the focus here. If required, however, it is also possible for many other long-term, archiving and neutral formats to be created.

The creation of so-called neutral files occurs via an optimum intermediate format which is created by printing or exporting. In the case of print creation, an individual device-neutral PostScript driver is used. For the export, the included PDF plugin from Microsoft is used. We only export PDF files with the plugin, however. As a precaution, we use this to create the PDF/A ourselves.

We pay close attention to ensuring that the output file is true to the original! The neutral file which is created has exactly the same appearance as the printed version. All of the output files are checked again in accordance with the required file standard (TIFF V6, PDF ISO 32.000, PDF/A ISO 19005, JPEG ISO 10918) before they are issued.

That’s fine as well! Our application converters offer a variety of configurations. They offer you the following benefits:

  • Processing of files from different versions of Office
  • Intelligent, adjustable process with interactive elements such as message boxes, macros, pop-up windows, etc.
  • Acquisition of the metadata from the application files.
  • Updating of field functions
  • Recognising and processing protected files
  • Simultaneous printing of change information / tracking
  • Conversion of sections, margins, individual tables
  • Running of customer-specific macros before conversion (for filling out customer-specific fields, for example).

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