Corporate Conversion Server for a Public Insurance Company

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

SEAL Systems’ Conversion Solution –
Archive Documents with Corporate Conversion Server

A public insurance company, Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig (Public Insurance Braunschweig), with almost 1,300 employees. The company’s main office is located in Braunschweig, Germany – and operates more than 150 offices.

The Company and SEAL Systems

mail-300x292 Corporate Conversion Server for a Public Insurance Company

The public insurance company (Öffentliche Versicherung) Braunschweig has been using a solution from SEAL Systems for the conversion of PDF documents into the standardized TIFF archive format for many years. This solution was connected to the SAP system via the certified BC-XDC coupling. The goal was to provide TIFF documents conveniently for long-term archiving.

The company also wanted this system to be extended, and wanted the extension to directly connect the emails, with attachments, with archiving.

In addition, a new portal was set up at the Braunschweig public insurance company, which enabled customers to display TIFF documents stored in the archive as PDF files. The company requested that this system to also be extended to include the PDF/A format.

Solution Requirements

  1. An extension of the existing conversion processes. Digitally available document types, in specific application formats (e.g., Word, Excel, Mail; about 5,000 files), should be converted to PDF/A.
  2. An “on the fly” conversion of TIFF files from the archive to PDF in order to enable fast provision of correspondence for customers in a customer portal in the usual format. The objective was to convert approximately 1,000 documents per day on demand.
  3. From the user’s point of view, this conversion must be carried out so quickly that it seems to take place without any processing time.

Requirements and Implementation

Scenario 1: Incoming mails

The customer sends documents on business transactions to clerks by e-mail in a personalized mail inbox. After processing, the documents are archived in the customer file. XFT uses the Mail Connector for this purpose. After the archiving process has been triggered by the user, mails are broken down by the Mail Connector (mail and attachments) and can be made available to an external conversion server. In this case the Digital Process Factory (DPF) from SEAL Systems was chosen as the conversion server. The assignment of the DPF was changed from BC-XDC to Webservice during the course of implementation.

The following file formats are now processed:

 Formate-in-PDF Corporate Conversion Server for a Public Insurance Company

These files are converted to PDF/A. The conversion takes place asynchronously, but should still be completed promptly, as the clerks are sometimes waiting for it. The resolution of the target files can be defined for each job. In most cases, however, the default resolution of 200 dpi set during implementation is used. The Digital Process Factory enables transparent traceability of the steps performed and reports errors, such as non-convertible files, back to the ordering system.

Scenario 2: View in a Webportal

Formate-in-PDF-2 Corporate Conversion Server for a Public Insurance Company

The insurance company has created a new SAP-based portal for customers. In this portal, customers can view their correspondence with the public. Not every customer can do anything with TIFF files. Therefore, the internally existing TIFF/G4 documents must be converted to PDF. The conversion takes place synchronously and uses a workflow optimized for speed, which normally enables the conversion of TIFF files to PDF in less than a second.

Project workflowgluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Corporate Conversion Server for a Public Insurance Company

After preliminary coordination and installation preparation at SEAL Systems the installation took place with remote access on-site in Braunschweig which was not available for security reasons. The new DPF servers (one test server and one productive server) are based on Windows 2012 R2 and use the current SEAL functionalities for DPF basis, conversion workflows and conversion modules. The order is now placed via Webservice. Even the old assignment via BC-XDC would still be possible. Required office packages were provided and installed by the customer, all other components were provided and installed by SEAL. The assignment of the mail conversion via web service from SAP was implemented by XFT. To simplify the integration SEAL Systems provided an ABAP wrapper for calling the web service by XFT.

One challenge was the processing of the mails sent to the insurance company from different sources. The public uses Lotus Notes with the format EML internally. Before this project, SEAL Systems processed the format EML via Microsoft Outlook. This was not an option for the insurance company because Microsoft Outlook should not be used and not be installed. Therefore, SEAL Systems developed a new EML converter within the scope of this project, which meanwhile – also without installed MS Outlook or Lotus Notes – can reliably handle embedded graphics, Unicode characters and creative formatting of the customers.

At the beginning of the project, TIFF/G4 and TIFF/JPEG were set as the only archive formats. The public could change the TIFF archive format to the standardized PDF/A format without having to migrate the stored documents. DPF processes from SEAL Systems already contain powerful tools for several years to create documents not only in PDF/A standard, but also to check them for compliance with the PDF/A standard and, if permitted, to adapt them to PDF/A as well.


The commissioning of the conversion was switched from BC-XDC to Webservice. E-mails and MS Office and Open Office documents contained in e-mails are now automatically processed and converted into a long-term format.

Like a large number of other customers of SEAL Systems now also uses the public DPF-processes to convert your documents not only to TIFF but also to PDF/A. Conversion processes from SEAL Systems now also enable the public to quickly convert your old documents archived as TIFF/ G4 files to PDF in order to make them available to their customers in a generally readable format.


The insurance company can continue to operate its extensive TIFF archive. When using the files, however, they still benefit from all the advantages of the modern PDF format.

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