Management of Document Archives Made Easy

by Adalbert Nübling

In daily business, it is normal for extensive document elements from greatly different sources to be stores in SAP archives. These documents, generated many years ago by scanner as TIFF or PDF files, can come from internal or external sources and various areas of operations, and may have been processed by different persons. All documents are in different formats, in different degrees of quality and stored in different archives. This leads to confusion and the difficulty of viewing or further processing these documents quickly and efficiently. We at SEAL Systems  can show you that the storage and viewing of these documents can also be done quickly, efficiently and without nerve-racking work steps. With ArchiveLink XSA, your software for management of document archiving, hundreds of thousands of documents available online can be standardized and migrated in one step.

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For Documents and Materials: The DMS Loader for SAP

by Jürgen Gotthardt

SEAL Systems’ DMS Loader is a practical tool for filling SAP document management with simultaneous installation of suitable object links. SEAL Systems loading processes allow for the safe, configurable import of documents and document data from external sources into SAP systems. Initial loads, mass imports and cyclic recurring updates can be carried out quickly, efficiently, conveniently and error-free.

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Product structures as graphical tree

by Adalbert Nübling

The bigger the amount of data the more need arises for more overview. At Astrium Space Transportation extensive product structures are fully automaticly created by our Output Management Engine PLOSSYS netdome. These data are then graphically displayed and output on an many device types.

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