SEAL Systems: Summer Wrap Up

by Catherine O'Toole

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This summer, SEAL Systems was busy creating new and interesting blogs and content on topics like digital solutions, cloud printing, output management, and more! In case you missed all the great summer content, we have compiled some of our favorite highlights in this blog.

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Case Study: Automated Bundling of Production Work Order Packages

by Debra Garls

SEAL Systems is excited to announce our newly published customer success story – Automated Bundling of Production Work Order Packages. SEAL Systems’ Bundling Production Work Order Packages solution helped Madix, Inc. reduce document package prep time from hours to minutes. Learn more.

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Factsheet: Output Management Engine – PLOSSYS netdome

by Thomas Tikwinski

What is SEAL Systems' PLOSSYS Netdome? It is a central output management system for all output-relevant tasks and applications in the company. This approach offers many advantages for the company as well as users and administrators.

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Factsheet: The new SEAL Systems Print Client

by André Schnibbe

The SEAL Print Client is an order client for interactive printing processes. With it documents from different sources can be combined flexibly to output requests, while the user retains full control over the process. At the same time, the Print Client offers interesting new possibilities for tool integration and process automation.

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Factsheet: PLOSSYS 5 – Modern engine for enterprise-wide output management

by André Schnibbe

With PLOSSYS® netdome, SEAL Systems offers a robust and powerful Corporate Output Management Engine. In over 35 years, SEAL Systems' PLOSSYS engine has been trusted by more than 1,500 customers worldwide. PLOSSYS 5, our newest product from the PLOSSYS series, is especially designed for cloud operation in architecture and technology, without sacrificing the possibilities of  on-premise installation. Both operating modes can even be combined in the future.

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White paper: System for companywide conversion services

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

Our Corporate Conversion Server is a powerful conversion engine that automates all file conversion requirements company-wide. Using flexible interfaces, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes. Numerous additional functions round up the scope of services. Conversion servers from SEAL Systems aim at the improvement of optimization potentials in the daily business of medium-sized and large companies. A uniform infrastructure, for example, can create significant cost advantages! In addition, our conversion servers offer new possibilities to easily configure and control processes and structures in order to carry out transactions in this way that were previously not possible in such a process complexity and efficiency.

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Bill-of-material Explosion with ECTR integration at SwissOptic

by Matthias Müller

In this case study about SAP bill of material explosion you will read which challenges SwissOptic had to solve in the output of construction and material parts lists and how this output was simplified and automated by the material BOM explosion of SEAL Systems. Furthermore you will see which advantages the ECTR integration offers.

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Case study: Quality certificates at Linde

by Adalbert Nübling

In this case study we demonstrate the challenges experienced by plant component manufacturing at Linde engineering, in the audit, management and compilation of quality certificates. We look at how a solution was established using a SEAL system with document management bar code recognition, as old documents filed under ArchiveLink were easily migrated into the DMS, and we look at the advantages this project brought for Linde Engineering.

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White Paper: Transfer documents from SAP to SharePoint

by Jürgen Gotthardt

The world is merging together more and more. This is also true of modern companies, and in particular of cooperation between companies. The exchange of information and documents is an important part of smooth cooperation. Information and documents arise from various business processes in a company and need to be exchanged either within the company or with external business partners. The mapping of business processes is often carried out in SAP, while the distribution of information and documents is carried out with Microsoft SharePoint.

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New application report: Label printing with SAP at VBM Medizintechnik GmbH

by Matthias Müller

VBM Medizintechnik GmbH, a word-wide acting healtcare company, revised their label printing output processes with a SEAL Systems solution. The label creation should become more transparent by printing status information on the labels. Furthermore a guaranteed readability was demanded as well a flexible design method. With a SEAL Systems output management solution, integrated in SAP,  these requirements were completely fulfilled.

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