SAP Materials: Automated Distribution!

by David Salamanek

Working heavily with SAP materials management, linking in document records, and then bringing these across to various business processes with purchasing, maintenance, production, sales and more, it’s important to automate any delivery of the documents and information to ensure reliable and secure results.  With SEAL Systems output solutions, bringing your materials and all relevant documentation becomes a snap click.

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Create BDS Documents for new processes

by Frank Reuter

In this article you will learn, how to activate the Business Document Serivce for Business processes. Our tutorial starts the creation of a new document type for quality certificates and Ends with a linkage of the new document type and a production order.

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White Paper: Automatic creation of technical documents (Direct Publishing)

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

With Direct Publishing from SEAL Systems, data and files are automatically compiled into a new document. The data for this procedure can be located anywhere, even distributed. This saves time, money and efforts, reduces errors and ensures fast, smooth processes. Read more about how this works and what Direct Publishing can do for you in our new white paper.

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2018 SAP SAPPHIRE Diaries

by Debra Garls

I have to admit my first year at SAPPHIRE was pretty over-whelming. This is a gloriously large and well organized conference with 100s of sessions, SAP kiosks, partner booths and daily keynotes. Around 20,000 people attended and a million participated virtually. Aside from meeting our partners Cideon, LeverX and Utopia in person, I believe I got the most out of the keynote speakers. I was surprised, and pleased, to hear high level business executives discuss the impact innovation and automation will have on many people along with how they are planning to bridge the skill gap. Business can, and often does, have a positive impact on community and can help solve the challenges that lay ahead for all of us. I look forward to next year’s conference and hope to see you there.

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Bill-of-material Explosion with ECTR integration at SwissOptic

by Matthias Müller

In this case study about SAP bill of material explosion you will read which challenges SwissOptic had to solve in the output of construction and material parts lists and how this output was simplified and automated by the material BOM explosion of SEAL Systems. Furthermore you will see which advantages the ECTR integration offers.

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The user-friendly instruction manual at ottobock

by Adalbert Nübling

Wheelchairs consist of a multitude of components and functions, each of which is assembled individually for the respective requirements of the patient. Up to now, however, it was not possible to supply individual instructions for use with these specially built wheelchairs. Rather, the instructions for use always included a description of all potentially possible components instead of being limited to the functions built into the wheelchair. This led to confusion for the customer and specialist staff and at the same time to unnecessarily high printing costs. The manuals have also only been translated into a limited number of languages.

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Documenting the Compliance Process: Don’t Sweat it-Automate it!

by Debra Garls

The first step to meeting ISO, DOD, DOE, DOT, FAA, FDA, ITAR, and other regulatory requirements, is keeping accurate and organized documents.  These documents are often complex, with information residing in several systems and consisting of multiple file formats. Creating a unified document is often a time consuming and tedious task that can result in costly errors. In this video I will briefly discuss how this process can be automated reducing production time and mistakes while creating a standardized document that meets regulatory requirements.

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Document Output Management Suite has been recertified

by Lars Palitzsch

Some of our customers are already using S/4 HANA. But the vast majority, are currently using SAP Business Suite. This is the reason why we had our Document Output Management Suite for SAP Business Suite re-certified by SAP, with the “ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP NetWeaver” integration scenario. We have again successfully passed this certification, which confirms the high technical compatibility of our solution.

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Case study: Quality certificates at Linde

by Adalbert Nübling

In this case study we demonstrate the challenges experienced by plant component manufacturing at Linde engineering, in the audit, management and compilation of quality certificates. We look at how a solution was established using a SEAL system with document management bar code recognition, as old documents filed under ArchiveLink were easily migrated into the DMS, and we look at the advantages this project brought for Linde Engineering.

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New Flyer: Mobile Printing

by André Schnibbe

Mobile Printing and Secure & PickUp Printing with one app. Device independent, transparent and secure. With PLOSSYS DocPrint you can Output documents, photos or emails with attachements from mobile devices to any network printer. How this is possible and which requirements are necessary you will read in our latest Flyer.

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