The Multiserver as extension of our Corporate Conversion Server

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

Many companies use conversion servers from SEAL Systems in parallel operation in order to manage the high and business-critical throughput. Multiserver is an extension which operates several CCS in a network, including load distribution and mutual replacement in the case of a computer breakdown. In this article, we had already announced the new Version 2.0 for our Corporate Conversion Server, and highlighted it as an important new function of the multiserver. This interconnection of several CCS entities is also required for our Cloud strategies.

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SAP BC-XDC Certification for Integration passed with Success

by Lars Palitzsch

We have done it: our BC-XDC solution, document conversion suite for BC-XDC 3,2.0, has again been successfully certified by SAP. The certificate is valid for 3 years. We have qualified for this certification for some years now: 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2017, and always successful at the first attempt. BC-XDC enables the server-based conversion of file and application formats in printed data or long-term formats. Synchronous and asynchronous methods (Composite-Spool-Request) are supported.

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Document Management Automation in Teamcenter – Conversion Therapy

by Catherine O'Toole

SEAL Systems’ Document Output Center for Teamcenter (DOC4TC) is this solution. DOC4TC provides the ability to convert hundreds, even thousands of files in bulk to neutral formats. It also enables Teamcenter users to place very important stamps and watermarks for compliance issues. Then users have the ability to publish multiple documents into single PDFs with a cover page, table of contents, page numbers and more. Finally they can swiftly distribute these now secure documents to customers and vendors sometimes without the click of a button. Launched manually or by Teamcenter workflows, DOC4TC enables safe, secure, and reliable conversions and distributions allowing your users to get on with more important work.

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Compliance Automation Webinar

by David Salamanek

On Thursday, April 5th at 2PM CDT SEAL Systems will host a webinar demonstrating how the task of producing these documents can be streamlined and automated.

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Provisioning of documents from SAP via SharePoint

by Jürgen Gotthardt

In this blog entry we’ll explain how documents from SAP product structures can be identified and exported to SharePoint with our SAP-SharePoint-DMS Exchange, using examples from the industry.

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PLOSSYS 4.6.0 released!

by Thomas Tikwinski

After nine months of development SEAL Systems releases with version 4.6.0 a major technical version update of its output management system PLOSSYS netdome - with new application server and first components of PLOSSYS5. The release is available immediately.

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White Paper: Transfer documents from SAP to SharePoint

by Jürgen Gotthardt

The world is merging together more and more. This is also true of modern companies, and in particular of cooperation between companies. The exchange of information and documents is an important part of smooth cooperation. Information and documents arise from various business processes in a company and need to be exchanged either within the company or with external business partners. The mapping of business processes is often carried out in SAP, while the distribution of information and documents is carried out with Microsoft SharePoint.

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How can I link Business Document Services (BDS) documents in SAP through Object Services?

by Frank Reuter

Some days ago we showed you how to link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP over Object Services with a business object. The second way, linking documents to Object Services, is through what are called Business Document Services (BDS) documents. Today we’ll show you how that works.

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2018 Manufacturing Trends

by Debra Garls

Mike Hoffler goes over the top 5 manufacturing trends of 2018!

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Link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP through Object Services

by Frank Reuter

In this article we’ll show you how to link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP over Object Services with a business object.

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