Digital Signing in SAP – with Signature, Seal and Time Stamp

by Torsten Pfeiffer

The demand for companies and society to increase digitization is leading to a rapid increase in the number of implementation projects in the context of digital signature procedures. In addition, the business processes in the company as well as the existing IT systems are a suitable starting point to realize signature procedures without media discontinuity. SAP and ERP processes, in particular, offer the ideal starting point for this.

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Corporate Conversion Service in the Cloud

by Torsten Pfeiffer

The Corporate Conversion Service (CCS) in the cloud serves all document conversion requirements in your company. As Software as a Service (SaaS), it automatically scales with your business processes. Its architecture is optimized for cloud operation without sacrificing the possibilities of a classic on-premises installation. Operation in modern cloud platforms makes it universally applicable.

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We Integrate the Digital Signature into Your Business Processes!

by Torsten Pfeiffer

In this blog post, we outline some use cases for our solution – digital signature – and explain how SEAL Systems integrates it into your business processes.

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