Server based, automated generation of neutral files from MS Office with signature page

by Matthias Müller

As an established, internationally active manufacturer of medical devices, MAQUET is subject to FDA regulations with very high quality standards. This is particularly true in the area of product documentation, where MAQUET places high demands on the quality and security of documents in circulation and archived. In this case study you will read how the medical technology manufacturer MAQUET maps release processes using digital signatures, how the company converts documents to the long-term PDF/A format and how conversion processes are monitored directly from the SAP system.

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Bill-of-material Explosion with ECTR integration at SwissOptic

by Matthias Müller

In this case study about SAP bill of material explosion you will read which challenges SwissOptic had to solve in the output of construction and material parts lists and how this output was simplified and automated by the material BOM explosion of SEAL Systems. Furthermore you will see which advantages the ECTR integration offers.

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New application report: Label printing with SAP at VBM Medizintechnik GmbH

by Matthias Müller

VBM Medizintechnik GmbH, a word-wide acting healtcare company, revised their label printing output processes with a SEAL Systems solution. The label creation should become more transparent by printing status information on the labels. Furthermore a guaranteed readability was demanded as well a flexible design method. With a SEAL Systems output management solution, integrated in SAP,  these requirements were completely fulfilled.

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