Attention: Oracle Changes License Strategy for JAVA Products

by Thomas Tikwinski

You might have already read about it in a press release: Oracle will be changing the licensing strategy for its Java products in February 2019. The Java runtime environment, which has been under open source license for more than 20 years, will be offered as a commercial product in the future. From February onwards, updates to Version 8, which has already been released, will only be available if a corresponding support contract has been concluded. This is a somewhat unprecedented process in the history of IT and surprised us as well. Read what this means for you in this blog post.

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PLOSSYS 5 and Kubernetes

by Thomas Tikwinski

With PLOSSYS 5, SEAL Systems develops the next generation of its output management system. Although it is of course still possible to install PLOSSYS 5 locally, i.e. on premises, the system has been designed from the beginning for operation in the cloud. Instead of a monolithic system, PLOSSYS 5 runs in the cloud as a cluster of microservices that can be started or stopped depending on the current load. The system therefore only uses as many resources as are actually needed. In this blog post, we present what this process looks like in practice - and how flexible your output management system could be in the future.

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Brand New: The SEAL Pi Cloud Prototype

by Thomas Tikwinski

SEAL Systems has been working on solutions for the cloud for some time now. Especially with a security-relevant and highly available service like corporate output management, aspects like data privacy, fault tolerance, scalability, and updatability play an important role. We especially have to find out how our software behaves in exceptional situations:

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