Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Document Distribution

by Debra Garls

Optimize Your Printing Process with
Cloud-Based Document Distribution


Cloud-based document distribution is the way of the future. It transforms a company’s printing process by making it more flexible, cost-effective and confidential. And – with SEAL Systems – printing from the cloud is even hardware independent.

Here are three reasons why your company needs cloud-based document distribution:


With cloud printing, you can choose from the following print output choices:

printer1-256x300 Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Document DistributionWeb Printing – Allows you to use any web browser, and aids in the creation of a print order with parameters. Having web printing also lets your guests send to a printer without needing a driver installed.

Driver Printing – Minimizes the variety of drivers on your client systems like Windows 32/64 Bit, Citrix or Terminal servers. This helps avoid the rollout costs and issues that are usually caused by driver conflicts.

Email Printing – Makes it possible for you to email the information via an attachment. From the email attachment, a print job is generated and sent to a certain device. There, the print result will wait for your go-ahead.

Mobile Printing – Permits you to begin print jobs from any smartphone and send them directly to any printer. Mobile Printing also makes it possible for you to manage all your print jobs from the device – all in one place!


Most importantly, cloud printing does not need its own infrastructure. Therefore, you can easily book all necessary services as managed services. This also means that printing from the cloud also works easily across multiple locations – without needing additional infrastructures.

saving-money-300x240 Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Document DistributionIn addition, cloud printing also helps you save money at your company because it is easily scalable. When using cloud printing, you can print 200,000 pages one day and 1,000 pages the next day.

Therefore, you will not pay for anything that you do not use.


Many companies implement and have ISO standards (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, etc.) So, it should not come as a surprise that many companies work hard on ensuring their folder-with-chan-300x255 Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Document Distributioninformation is secure.

Cloud-based document distribution can help your company’s documents stay confidential by making sure that your print orders come out where – and when – you want them to. Therefore, your company’s sensitive documents will no longer have the possibility of falling into the wrong hands.

Why SEAL Systems’ Cloud Printing Solution Is the Best Choice

SEAL Systems’ Output Management System, PLOSSYS netdome, makes it possible for you to quickly and securely print from the cloud independently of the manufacturer – whether on-site, with a public cloud or in your own private cloud.

What is PLOSSYS Netdome?

network-287x300 Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Document DistributionIn order to enable output management from the cloud, SEAL Systems enhanced the well-proven output management engine PLOSSYS. If your current company’s output management is not available as a cloud service – PLOSSYS fixes that. Therefore, you can use the PLOSSYS centralized printing system for Windows and SAP without losing centralized management or monitoring of your output management environment.

Complex Output Requirements

SEAL Systems enhances your cloud applications with an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for document distribution. In addition to the use of your cloud applications, we offer further useful enhancements:

  • Document Services (Forms Management)
  • Fleet Management (Asset Management)
  • Printer Management (easyPRIMA)
  • Rule-Based Printing (RUMAN)


SEAL Systems’ current customers have the following applications running in the cloud:

  • Business Applications: ERP and CRM systems
  • Enterprise Content Management: ECM systems
  • Engineering Applications: PLM, PDM, CAx
  • Office Applications: Office 365
  • Customer Specific Solutions: Cloud for Costumer C4C

Microsoft Azure & Amazon Webservices AWS

Every cloud model uses its own system environment. Therefore, SEAL Systems’ supports the market leader in the cloud model’s system environment like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services AWS.

question-mark-238x300 Why Your Company Needs Cloud-Based Document Distribution Interested in SEAL Systems’ Cloud Printing Solutions?

Contact Debra (email, LinkedIn) for more information.


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If you would like to learn more about SEAL Systems’ Cloud-Based Document Distribution, check out the below:


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