What Is Cloud Printing & How Can It Help Your Company?

by Ryan Alexander

According to Cole Reports, cloud printing software will experience “explosive growth by 2025.” Read the below blog to learn how you can drive your company’s growth with this digital innovation.

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The Future of Output is the Cloud

Cloud services are continuously growing more popular, and now with cloud printing, you can print from any network connected device regardless of the hardware location. With cloud printing, you can connect digital devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other workstations with your network’s printer stations.

Cloud Output Versus Traditional Printing

Cloud printing has been proven to be easier to the alternative of traditional printing. Traditional printing comes with cables, cords, and problems that exist with the software drivers. With cloud printing, users can experience reliable and speedy printing across the network by routing jobs between devices and sending them to a web-connected printer.

Cloud Printing Benefits

Cloud printing eliminates the need for printer drivers. Instead, it will link to the device, and the printer then allows the printer to receive information over the cloud. It also allows you to quickly discover printers and print from your own device over the network without the need to set up driver installations. Without printer drivers and using cloud printing, you will no longer have to worry about compatibility issues and device connectivity problems.

Cloud Printing Powered By SEAL

With SEAL Systems Cloud Printing, you can choose the web browser you want for web printing, then you can use the chosen browser to place parameters around your print job. This means that more users can also use an output device without the installation of a print driver.

When you are using the SEAL Systems Cloud Printing solution, you can also minimize the number of drivers on your system’s server. This is helpful not only for cost efficiency for your system’s infrastructure, but it also removes the many issues related to print driver connections.

Using cloud printing with SEAL Systems gives you the ability to manage your output devices in your system from any single device that has access to the network. You can use smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more to set-up and manage your print job output devices. This also means you can control and manage the actual print jobs from these devices.

Enhance Your Output with Follow Me Printing

SEAL Systems Follow Me Printing enhances your printing processes by making it more secure and streamlined. With Follow Me Printing, your processes are improved when printing from the application because the print job sits in a queue and is ready for output when the user is ready.

When the employee is ready to print, the print jobs they have queued up, they can walk up to any printer at the company with their mobile device. At the printer, the employee can then use their mobile device for identification, or as a security card, to access and print their queued print outputs.

Extra security is also provided because the documents can only be printed by a specific user at the printer. That way, documents are not sitting at the printer until the employee is there and ready to get them. Any jobs that were printed in error can also be skipped over for printing when the employee is at the printer – saving paper and ink.

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