Upgrading to S/4HANA

by David Salamanek

SEAL Systems is officially certified on the S/4HANA platform. We have already worked with a number of customers to upgrade to this platform in 2017.

In order to support customers with the transition to S/4HANA “On Premise”, we test current SEAL Systems add-ons on S/4HANA and adjust them where necessary. These tests have shown that in many cases the solutions work unchanged in S/4HANA. Small adjustments were necessary in some places, as interfaces and field lengths have changed.  We have developed a S/4HANA connector to help make this transition as seamless as possible for our customers, both new and current.

Top 5 reasons customers should consider moving to SAP S/4HANA

  1. Simplicity– SAP S/4HANA considerably cuts down processing time, which makes it a seamless experience for business. This also means you can utilize the extra time for great business efforts.
  2. Ease of Use – Improved Ease of Use means that the interface to your ECC applications can now run in a modern, web-based format through the use of SAP’s innovative new UI, Fiori.
  3. Modernization – SAP’s S/4HANA applications give you the same ECC functionality but in a way that takes advantage of speed, context, and data accessibility that wasn’t there before.
  4. Preparing for Future Innovation – A key advantage of S/4HANA is its ability to prepare you for future innovation in the development of SAP applications.
  5. Need for Speed – Modern in its true sense, SAP S/4HANA is the where the future of business is headed. Give your business system the right speed by implementing this new-age digital interface that integrates all your enterprise needs.

Please feel free to contact us at SEAL Systems if would like to discuss moving to SAP S/4HANA or would like additional information.

Do you have questions about upgrading to S/4Hana? – Contact us for a non-binding consultation!


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