Transform Your Supply Chain with 3D PDFs

by David Salamanek

3D PDFs are a cost-effective solution for all industries that utilize 3D designs such as CAD files. By using 3D PDFs, you can transform your supply chain – and experience many benefits.

CAD Files – An Introduction

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files can contain 2D and 3D models that are generated with CAD software programs to create drawings for architecture, engineering, electrical, mechanical and various design plans. With the use of technology workstations, CAD drawings can be created, modified, analyzed and optimized.

Popular software applications for creating CAD drawings include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, PROE/Creo, CATIA and NX.

Though CAD software is beneficial to the creation of 2D and 3D drawings, CAD work places are expensive and complex to handle. Therefore, a way to view CAD drawings without a CAD system or special viewer is the cost-savings solution companies are looking for.

How 3D Neutral Formats Can Help

A PDF document format has the capability to contain text and other data types, 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics and 3D CAD data.

Therefore, once a CAD drawing has been converted into a neutral format like PDF, the drawing can be viewed without a special viewer or CAD software. Some PDF viewing tools are even free-of-charge.

Archiving 3D Drawings with PDF

CAD files are not normally universal and require the original application to view and edit. Furthermore, CAD and viewer file types do not offer the capability for long-term archival. However, PDF’s neutral format offers an ideal archiving solution.

SEAL Systems Conversion Solution:
3D PDF Application Converter

3D-CAD-Image-297x300 Transform Your Supply Chain with 3D PDFs

SEAL Systems’ 3D PDF Application Converter solution can generate 3D PDF files without the native CAD application. The PDF can be used offline with all its functions, and without a connection to an enterprise SAP System. Also, the PDF file is enriched with the corresponding data once it is created.

SEAL Systems 3D PDF Conversion Solution provides the following benefits:

  • A versatile neutral format
  • The capability to add annotations directly on the 3D object
  • Pre-configured/different views of the same building part
  • The ability to view the data offline
  • Access to the PMI and structure information

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Expand Your Knowledge of 3D PDFs by Attending the Electronic Document Conference!

Read our past blog to learn why this is an event you do not want to miss!

What is the Electronic Document Conference?

The Electronic Document Conference (EDC) is intended for product managers, developers and technical users who work with electronic document technologies, and developers who need to create or process PDF files. The conference aims to facilitate a shared experience, perspectives and information on standards, platforms and applications that use electronic documents.

Be sure to catch SEAL Systems’ presentation, “Transform the Supply Chain with 3D PDF” by David Salamanek to gain insight on how to combine engineering drawings and business intelligence with 3D PDFs.

Learn more about the conference here.


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